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WP-News: Accessibility Library & Google Updates in May

A lot has been happening in WordPress these weeks as well: new decisions around WordPress 5.8 are in full swing, Stark bundles resources on accessibility and how to prepare your website for the Google updates. In the magazine, we list the best plugins for image compression, give valuable tips on colour psychology and show you how to update your plugins and themes properly. Have fun reading! ?

Image-WordPress -optimize

How to Optimize Images for WordPress: The 6 Most Popular Image Compression Plugins

Optimizing graphics and images for your WordPress website is a simple and important step to improving your load time. All the more surprising that many upload their images without any optimization at all. We'll show you 6 popular WordPress Plugins , which will completely take the hassle out of compressing your images. Learn more

Update-WordPress -Plugins-Theme

WordPress , Plugins and Themes update correctly

For many users, new WordPress updates come as a surprise. How to keep your WordPress system up to date and which update strategy has proven successful is explained by Johannes Mairhofer.


Colors and their effect in web design

Being familiar with color theory is an absolute must as a web designer. Is it possible to address your target group more specifically with the right colours? Sonja Hoffmann tells you everything you need to know about choosing the right colours.

Best Agency Software 2021

Agency software: 19 tools for your agency in 2021

Internal tasks, social media, remote organization and time tracking: agencies have many tasks and obligations. But there are valuable tools that help you with all these tasks - we give an overview.


Is Full Site Editing coming with WordPress 5.8?
There's a lot of talk about Full Site Editing (FSE) being a big change coming to WordPress : Will there be a decision soon and what will FSE be like in the first iteration? Take a look at the official WordPress post!

WordCamp Europe 2021 opens Call for Speakers
WordCamp Europe 2021 will take place online from June 7-10. Want to be part of it? You can now apply to be a speaker:in with a topic of your choice. The organizing team has published a list of exciting topics for inspiration.

Online Marketing

Google updates in May: get ready!
For about a year now, Google has been talking about the Core Web Vitals Tool and the Page Experience Update. May 2021 is the time and not only the search algorithm will change. So it's high time to prepare your websites in time.

Web Design & Development

Stark launches Public Library for Accessibility?
Stark has opened its virtual doors to the Public Library, launching what is probably the largest accessibility resource on the web - with blog articles, checklists, online courses, tools and links to web standards. The Public Library is accessible to all free of charge.

So you want to create Block Patterns?
If you've ever built something for the WordPress Block Editor - a Theme or a Plugin - you may have heard of Block Patterns. Learn exactly what they are and how to use them.


Wix advertising campaign fails at WordPress Professionals
A new ad campaign from Wix targets WordPress but fails to engage with the community in a meaningful way. What first started as a marketing gimmick quickly became more. The team at WP Tavern has more details up their sleeve.

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