WP News: Progressive Web Apps, iOS 14 Privacy & more

WP News: Progressive Web Apps, iOS 14 Privacy & more

Here's what's new in the WordPress world: The popular plugin Gravity Forms gets an update, the WordPress community discusses Google's FLoC solution and this is how you use the Figma WordPress Design Library. In our magazine, we show you everything about Progressive Web Apps and the new iOS 14 data protection and give you insights into how Caspar Hübinger is driving internationalisation at our company. Enjoy reading! ?

Progressive Web App WordPress

Progressive Web App with WordPress: Advantages and disadvantages

Our agency partner giftGRÜN used WordPress to build a Progressive Web App (PWA for short) for the University Hospital RWTH Aachen, which supports the onboarding of new employees. We spoke with Patrick Heinker about the advantages and disadvantages of PWAs versus websites and native apps. Learn more

SEA Search Engine Advertising

SEA campaigns with Google Ads: How to succeed

Ads on Google & Co. are an important building block for your marketing. But for many, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a book with seven seals. Sascha Humpel explains how to get started successfully.

iOS 14 and consequences for facebook ads

iOS 14 Privacy & the consequences for Facebook Ads

The iOS 14 update is here and Apple is introducing stricter privacy rules. What restrictions now apply to Facebook advertisers? Sven Scheuerle sheds light on the whole issue.

Raidboxes Caspar Hübinger

New at Raidboxes: Caspar Hübinger

Raidboxes will increasingly position itself internationally. An important step, for which we were able to win over a prominent face from the WordPress community: Caspar Hübinger. In the interview, he reveals more about internationalisation.


Getting started with the Figma WordPress Design Library
As the name suggests, the Figma WordPress Design Library is a library of WordPress design assets. With it you can quickly create prototypes for WordPress UI in Figma. More details and a great tutorial can be found in the official WordPress post.

WordPress wants to automatically block FLoC in the core
Google is testing FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) as an alternative solution for third-party cookies. Due to significant privacy and discrimination concerns, WordPress now plans to block tracking by default. What do you think? Discuss with us!

Online Marketing

Gravity Forms 2.5 launches with revamped UI & focus on accessibility
The Gravity Forms team has officially announced version 2.5 of its WordPress plugin for forms. With it, we can expect a clean, functional design: Above all, the creation of accessible forms should become easier and faster.

Web design & development

Fresh resources in web design and development
A great product these days stands or falls on its ecosystem: just imagine the iPhone without apps or WordPress without plugins. With this in mind, Hongkiat brings you the latest resources - with design patterns and libraries for icons & Laravel.

Design meets science: Top 1000 websites & their fonts
Data scientist Michael Li has crawled and analysed over a million websites: from images and layout to fonts and colours. In this article, he summarises what he learned about web fonts and the like.


How to improve the carbon footprint of your website
Do you know how many emissions your website consumes? The answer is: it doesn't matter, you can always do less. Find out how you can reduce your website 's carbon footprint while improving performance, user experience and SEO.

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