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WP-News: Parallax Scrolling, Tips for Local SEO & Hype around Google MUM

After this long weekend, we are looking forward to the WordPress news: What's changing for you with Openverse, how parallax scrolling works in web design and why Google MUM is creating a lot of hype. In the magazine, we recommend WordPress Download Manager, give you 7 tips to get you started on Fiverr and explain how you can achieve top rankings with Local SEO & internal linking! ?

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The Six Best WordPress Download Manager Plugins for Free

WordPress doesn't necessarily score with sophisticated file and download management. Fortunately, there is a suitable download manager Plugins with which you can raise your digital downloads to a new level. Be it through protected downloads, the sale of e-books, a Dropbox integration and statistics. Learn more

Local SEO Best Practices

Local SEO for your WordPress agency

Proximity to the agency in charge is still an argument that trumps all others in the SME sector. We show you how to use Google to attract customers from your area to your agency.

WP-News: Parallax Scrolling, Tips for Local SEO & Hype around Google MUM

Internal linking with WordPress

SEO is not just about good keyword research or optimising your texts. Link building is also crucial. Find out why setting internal links is so important and which WordPress Plugins there are.


7 Tips for Fiverr: Getting started with freelancing

Earn money on the Internet: That sounds like a dream. You can achieve this via the freelancer platform Fiverr - but the competition is fierce! With these 7 tips from Moritz Kopp, you can get started as a freelancer.


Openverse: Why this project is good for WordPress and the web
The new open source project hasn't really started yet and the community is already talking about a game changer: we're talking about Openverse. The WP Tavern team tells you, What Openverse means for WordPress and the web.

StudioPress: Genesis Framework to become free of charge
StudioPress has announced some changes to its in-house Themes and marketplace. For those who are not part of the community, the company will make its Genesis Framework available for free.

Online Marketing

Google MUM: 1000x more powerful than BERT
Google has announced a new technology called MUM. This stands for Multitask United Model. MUM is supposed to improve Google search, be 1000x more powerful than BERT and soon be able to multitask. Read for yourself, What we can expect with MUM.

Web Design & Development

Parallax Scrolling 2021: Exciting, lively, captivating
What would a modern website be without parallax scrolling? Sure, the cool effect has its pitfalls in terms of usability and responsiveness. Used correctly - and above all in a way that fits the theme - you can make your Making a website a real experience.

How to make disabled UI elements more inclusiveShowing
buttons & co. as deactivated may seem like a good idea. But it's not: they tempt you to click, are hard to see and give no feedback. Learn now what the better alternatives are in terms of accessibility and effective error handling.


20 tips & tools for your WordPress e-commerce shop
The growing shopping market is your opportunity: What do you need to start a successful online shop with WordPress ? In Hongkiat's guide, you will learn the best tips, tools and Must-have Plugins for your shop in 2021.

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