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WP-News: The Best WordPress Plugins 2021 & No Code Websites

Today we're talking about the following topics: A little taste of WordPress 5.8, modern interfaces with Neumorphism and how to design strong hero images for your website. Our magazine this time is all about WordPress Plugins : the top favourites of the year, the Borlabs Cookie Plugin for GDPR compliant websites and the best menu Plugins to optimise your website navigation. Have fun!

Best WordPress  Plugins  List

The Best WordPress Plugins 2021

With the right WordPress Plugins you can make your website or blog much more flexible and successful. Or simply save a lot of time. We show you which WordPress Plugins you should definitely know. Whether for your own project or for your agency. Learn more

Borlab Cookies plugin

Borlabs Cookie: Cookie plugin for WordPress

For WordPress there are now some very useful Plugins, which help us to implement the GDPR and e-privacy regulation. One of them is the popular Plugin Borlabs cookie.

Best Menu plugin WordPress

WordPress Menu Plugins for better navigation

The menu is one of the main elements of your website. With a clear and well thought-out navigation, you provide the necessary orientation. We present five menus Plugins for WordPress .

Storytelling tips

Storytelling sells: How to push yoursales

You've done everything you can to optimise your shop - and success is still eluding you? Then we have good news for you, because a popular method for boosting purchases is now usually the rock in the surf: storytelling.


Outlook for the WordPress 5.8 template editor
WordPress 5.8 is scheduled for release on 20 July. This means that in a little more than a month, many of us will get a first taste of one of the big features: the template editor.

Pros and cons of the "No Code" movement
There are a lot of people touting the value of "no code" website design. And even larger platforms like WordPress are jumping on the bandwagon. But what's it all about - and what are the pros and cons of no code development?

Online Marketing

Microcopy: Effective copy (& why it's more important than you think)
As a designer:in, content should be the driving force behind many of your decisions. The team at Dribbble offers helpful tips on copywriting that will help you create better experiences.

Web Design & Development

Soft UI & Neumorphism: Watch out, trend!
A new design trend has emerged over the past year: Soft UI and Neumorphism is everywhere. If this is such a big concept - what do we need to know about it? Webdesignerdepot tells you how Neumorphism succeeds.

12 mistakes when designing hero images
Your hero image is the first visual element of a website that visitors will see. And that's why it's responsible for attention and engagement. Here are 12 things you should avoid when designing hero images.


How to design a compelling web questionnaire
We all know them: Questionnaires or surveys that are really fun to fill out. Unfortunately, this is the exception to the rule. With these tips, you can create a creative survey design that guides participants seamlessly through the survey process.

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