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WP-News: New in WordPress 5.8 & WooCommerce Vulnerability

After a somewhat longer break than usual, here is the latest WordPress news for you: A critical vulnerability was discovered in WooCommerce , WordPress 5.8 brings many exciting innovations and what we can expect with Full Site Editing. We also take a look at how to use collected data correctly in marketing and have tips for your next online workshop.

A WordPress  Site Editor Guide: WordPress  Full Site Editing

WordPress Site Editor: Unlocking the Mysteries Behind Gutenberg & WordPress Full Site Editing

Full Site Editing (FSE) is a long-awaited feature for WordPress that gives you more control over the design of your website. We explain what exactly lies behind this keyword - and discuss whether we will still need Themes, page builders and web designers in the future. Learn more

The Perfect Workshop Agenda

The perfect agenda for Online Workshop

Want to create online workshops that are not only informative, but creative and engaging? Here are the best tips for the perfect agenda to make your next online workshop a success.

WordPress  5.8

New in WordPress 5.8: Blocks as widgets

WordPress 5.8 is the second of four planned major updates for WordPress in 2021. What can you expect in the new version? Will Gutenberg be faster? And which changes should you be aware of? An overview.

How Data Driven Marketing Helps Your Business

Data Driven Marketing No Data, No Sales

The big platforms like Apple, Amazon or Netflix have mastered one thing in particular: the collection and use of data. Eugen Grinschuk explains how you can also use such data for yourself.


How to optimise your WordPress video gallery for SEO
One of the often overlooked aspects of creating a video gallery in WordPress is SEO. Check out Yoast's blog post for helpful tips on crawlable, indexable WordPress video galleries to help your videos rank better.


Critical security vulnerability discovered in WooCommerce - What you need to know
WooCommerce has patched a critical vulnerability that was discovered on 13 July. WordPress is currently performing automatic forced updates for vulnerable shops. Nevertheless, please check if your shop is using the latest version (5.5.1).

Online Marketing

What you can learn from the top-ranked sites
What separates the heavyweights of search engine rankings from everyone else? That's a question every:r good SEO asks themselves all the time. Here are five of the most important and surprising factors to rank #1 on Google.

Web Design & Development

B2B Rebranding: From boring to extraordinary
Rebranding is quite an undertaking - especially when time is also short in the project. The team at Deel gives you five lessons to consider when refreshing your brand.


Open Source: Better than any college degree
Why do people contribute to open source? There are many reasons! One thing is certain: Contributing can be a lot of fun, even if it is challenging at first. Justin Tadlock contributes as a developer to WordPress and tells us what motivates him.

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