WP-News: Secure browsers and a tidy WordPress media library

WP-News: Secure browsers and a tidy WordPress media library

Once again, we have the latest WordPress news in our luggage: The scope of WordPress 5.9 is fixed, the community discusses WordCamps in Corona times and the best tricks for tidying up your WordPress media library. In our magazine, we present our new CTO Thomas, put popular browsers to the test in terms of security and provide inspiration for ethical marketing. Enjoy! 💚

most secure browsers

9 secure browsers for more data protection and privacy

Browsers are among the most important tools in everyday digital life: they provide access to all the content on the internet. But it is no longer just about surfing the web quickly, but also about a high level of security, data protection and privacy. Moritz Kopp examines 9 browsers and their security features. Learn more

Thomas Goik Raidboxes

New at Raidboxes: CTO Thomas Goik

We want our Dashboard to remain number 1 in the future - among others, this is ensured by our Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Thomas Goik. Learn more about his diverse work, our team and our focus for the future.

ethical marketing practices

Ethical Marketing: How You Market Matters

Ethical marketing promotes honesty, fairness and social responsibility. How you run your business is important. And so is how you market it. Jessica Lohmann shows you four non-manipulative marketing strategies that inspire customers.

newsletter tools compared

The 10 most popular newsletter tools

What advantages does email marketing have for you? And what should you look for in a newsletter software besides server location, support, etc.? Sven Scheuerle takes a closer look at the ten best newsletter tools for you.


WordPress 5.9: Here's what the planning looks like
WordPress 5.9 is starting to take shape after Josepha Haden Chomphosy recently published a planning overview with a preliminary schedule and scope. What can we expect with the last major release of the year?

WordPress opens applications for personal WordCamps
After more than six weeks of discussion about a proposal for the WordPress community to hold events again, WordPress is resuming the WordCamp programme. Applications for personal WordCamps are now open.

Online Marketing

8 SEO best practices you need to know as a developer
Web development and SEO are becoming more and more intertwined as search engines become smarter. As a developer, what should you know about SEO? Neil Patel tells you the 8 best practices for better rankings.

Above the Fold: How to get more attention
The first thing users see when they load your website is the content "Above the Fold". Too much of a good thing can overwhelm them or slow down your site's loading speed. Learn the top tips for above the fold content.

Web Design & Development

Remove Unused Media - finally tidying up the WordPress media library
The longer a website exists and the more actively it is maintained, the more media accumulates in the WordPress media library that is not used at all. Jonas Tietgen from WP Ninjas shows you how to clean up your media library properly.

The best wireframe tools in 2021
Wireframe tools allow you to define the design of your website or app from the beginning. No matter if you want to create a rough draft or rather a functional prototype. But what are the best wireframe tools on the market?

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