WP-News: Web design trends 2022 & the domain name system explained simply

WP-News: Web design trends 2022 & the domain name system explained simply

Let's welcome 2022 with the latest WordPress news: The Gutenberg Hub announces a new WordPress theme directory, this means Google's Product Review Update for your shop and this is what cybersecurity is all about this year. And to kick off the year, we've brought you the brand new web design trends, tips for better copywriting and an explanation of the Domain Name System (DNS). Enjoy! 🚀

The most important web design trends 2022

It's already clear: the new year will bring numerous trends in web design. You want to know what's hot in the world of web design? Designer Sonja Hoffmann has summarised the most important web design trends of 2022 that you should definitely know now. Learn more

DNS Guide

What is the DNS? The Domain Name System

What does my browser actually do when I click on a link? We explain what is behind the Domain Name System (DNS) and go into typical sources of errors and their solutions.

WordPress  Podcast Website

Tutorial: Create a podcast website with WordPress

Large podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify are important for promoting content. But you also need your own podcast website. We'll show you how to set it up with WordPress .

Writing really good blog articles

How to write better blog articles

Want to improve your own copywriting skills? Then look no further. In this article, Patrick Mitter tells you everything you need to know about writing good blog articles.


Gutenberg Hub launches block-based WordPress Theme directory
As the block-Themes era begins, the WordPress Theme directory could get a makeover. This is exactly what Munir Kamal has in mind before WordPress 5.9 is launched at the end of the month, as WP Tavern reports.


5 cybersecurity trends for 2022
No one could have predicted the chaos the internet would experience in 2021: record-breaking numbers of hacker attacks and most recently the discovery of Log4j. Threatpost shares what you should know about cybersecurity as we head into 2022.

Online Marketing

What Google's Product Review Update means for your e-commerce website
As a shop owner, you know that product reviews are extremely important. Confused about what the Google Product Review Update is and where to start? Don't worry, according to Neil Patel it's not as complicated as it sounds.

Web design & development

How to get ahead as a creative professional in 2022
Are you ready to start your most creative year yet? Whether you want to improve your skills, your processes or your tools, here are the best tips to get you off to a creative start as a designer:in.

Web design highlights - the 50 best websites 2021
The internet continues to grow, change and push boundaries. Many new websites were created or updated in 2021. A super source of inspiration, isn't it? Take a look at the 50 best websites of the past year!


Meeting mania: Where are the professional meeters?
The meeting mania has reached new extremes in times of pandemic and home office. "If I spend most of my working hours in meetings, who is doing my work?" asks Falk Hedemann of UPLOAD Magazine.

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