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WordPress News: Privacy Shield 2.0 & green success stories

New quarter, new WordPress news: WordCamp Europe 2022 enters the final planning round, WordPress launches a new pattern directory and the announced Privacy Shield 2.0 leaves more questions than answers. In our magazine, we compare six types of WordPress hosting and take inspiration from the powerful success stories of sustainable businesses. Sit back and get ready for a great journey! 💚

6 different types of WordPress hosting (A detailed guide)

Reliable WordPress hosting ensures optimal performance, speed and availability of your website. With so many companies offering different types of hosting, it can be difficult to choose the right WordPress hosting for your business. We'll help you out by comparing 6 types of hosting. Learn more

News from the magazine

SEO audit

Guide: 8 steps to an SEO audit

Hundreds of factors determine your success in Google rankings. An SEO audit helps you to uncover the weaknesses of your website. We explain step by step how to make your next SEO audit a success.

Success stories: 6 sustainable brands share their success stories

6 sustainable brands share their success stories

What does it take to be a successful, sustainable company? Jessica Lohmann wanted to know and asked six ethical brands in different industries around the world about their success stories.

what is php

What is PHP? Why learning PHP is worthwhile

PHP - you've probably read or heard the term before. What is PHP and how does it work? Our article is intended to fill this knowledge gap and will help you if you are new to the topic of PHP.


WordCamp Europe 2022 will be safe and diverse
WordCamp Europe 2022 is the largest face-to-face WordPress event. It is organised by Evangelia Pappa and Bernhard Kau, among others. In an interview with WP Tavern, they give an insight into preparations and measures for more diversity.

All about the WordPress Block Pattern Directory
Finally, the WordPress Pattern Directory has opened its doors to the entire community. Anyone with a WordPress.org account can now give free rein to their creativity. All that remains is to say: happy designing!

Online Marketing

Privacy Shield 2.0: More uncertainty for companies?
The US promises to better protect the data of EU citizens in the future if Europe finally gives the green light for uncomplicated data exports. The Netzpolitik.org team shows a way out of the data dilemma.

Web design & development

10 Plugins for an Organised WordPress Media Library
Things like image optimization, bulk management and other improvements can make for a good user experience. Here are 10 free plugins to help you stay in control of your WordPress library.

Helvetica: Cliché or classic?
It's strange that a font is so popular and so hated at the same time as Helvetica: is Helvetica cool and modern or boring? Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the font with Webdesigner Depot and vote: Cliché or classic?


Johannes von Raidboxes as a guest on the Handel 4.0 Podcast
What is holacracy? What is Economy for the Common Good? How do we offset CO₂ with our customers? Our CFO and co-founder Johannes answers these questions in a talk with Jonas from Die Berater. For a look behind the scenes, listen in!

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