WordPress News 142

WordPress News: WordPress 6.0 "Arturo" & maximum performance

Today we have the full load of WordPress news again: The last weeks were dominated by WordPress 6.0 "Arturo", which was released on 24. Mai 2022. In our magazine we brought you all the details about the new WordPress version and give tips for maximum WordPress performance and short loading times. Come well into the week and have fun reading! 💚

WordPress 6

New major updates to WordPress are always hotly debated in the community weeks before their release. What can you expect in version 6.0 of WordPress? And what should you look out for in an update? As always, expectations for the update are high - our overview of the most important features. Learn more

News from the magazine

Brand Voice

Brand Voice: Voice for your marketing

A brand voice helps you find a unique voice for your content that makes you stand out from the crowd. Learn how to develop a brand voice - including examples.

WordPress performance

Make WordPress faster - the best tips

Your WordPress is slow? Then you are wasting a lot of potential. Not only visitors are annoyed by slow loading times, you also lose visibility on Google. Get ready for the best performance tips!

minify css html

How to reduce CSS, HTML and JavaScript

The more "requests", the longer the loading time. To keep the number of requests as low as possible, and thus also the loading time of the website, you should merge and compress the files.


Video review: From WordPress 5.0 to 6.0
Remember what it was like to use WordPress 5.0? Three years and ten major releases have radically changed the way websites are built. WordPress developer Anne McCarthy shows the immense progress in a short video.

Online Marketing

5 Ways No Design Tools Promote Collaboration
"Anyone, regardless of role or training, should feel empowered to think through improvements and pitch new ideas" - the article states. That's because no-design tools are designed to make collaboration more productive. Here are five good reasons why.

Web design & development

Why Web 3.0 is not the next big thing
Search traffic for "Web 3.0" (aka Web3) has increased tenfold in the last twelve months - but what is it? It's time to understand what's going on. Morten Rand-Hendriksen takes a crack at explaining the hype around Web3.

Image management: how to organise design assets faster
Hundreds, if not thousands, of images cluttering all your devices? Resources and creative design assets are useful for future projects - the problem is finding them quickly when you need them.


The best job boards for remote work
Whether you're looking for volunteering, internships, one-off projects or a full-time position in any field, remote job boards are a great place to find your dream job. Or join the Raidboxes team now!

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