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WordPress News: Gutenberg 14.2 & Cross Selling

Grab a hot drink and make yourself comfortable. We start this week with warming WordPress news: You'll learn everything about the new Gutenberg 14.2 update and how you can increase the sales of your online store with cross selling. In the magazine we have a lot up our sleeve for you - from the indispensable WordPress caching for a fast website, to the new work trend of the 4-day week in agencies, to the profitability of your content marketing strategy. You're sure to find what you're looking for! 🍂☕️

WordPress Caching

Not only a good WordPress hosting improves the loading time of your website - without proper caching WordPress websites are agonizingly slow. That's why in this article we'll explain to you what types of WordPress caching there are, how they work and how you can easily add caching to your WordPress website. Learn more

News from the magazine

PayPal For WooCommerce

PayPal for your WooCommerce store

PayPal for WooCommerce is a real lifesaver for online stores that want to offer secure payment. We show you how to easily add PayPal to your WooCommerce store.

4 Days Week

All about the 4 day week in agencies

The working time model of the
4-day week is currently being hotly debated and is part of the new New Work movement.
Vereda, agency partner of Raidboxes, has been testing this model with its team since August 2021.

Content ROI

Content ROI: Is your content marketing paying off?

Do you measure the success of your content marketing? And do you know if your activities are literally paying off? Don't worry. Jan This time, Tissler shows you how to calculate the value of your content.


Gutenberg 14.2 is now available for download

The latest version of Gutenberg includes improvements to the writing flow, a more sophisticated calendar pad, smarter auto-completions, and more. Before we ramble on, check out the full list of changes.

Web Almanac Report 2022: WordPress continues to grow
The recently published Web Almanac Report 2022 contains exciting information on topics such as accessibility, security and sustainability. For the WordPress community, the CMS chapter offers plenty of reading material. Take a look inside!


Wordfence 7.7.0 creates great improvements
A fresh update of Wordfence has been released and contains many new features. Among other things, there's a new scan result for vulnerabilities in plugins for which patched versions are not available via WordPress.org .

Online Marketing

3 steps to your cross selling strategy with WooCommerce
Cross selling is a marketing strategy that actively encourages your customers to add more items to their orders. Fortunately, WooCommerce makes cross-selling products easy.

The 12 best tools for your email marketing in 2022
An excellent way to reach your target group directly is
email marketing. Find out which of the numerous providers is the most suitable for your business in this ranking!

Web design & development

Why classic WordPress themes will never be out
It looks like any kind of Block theme revolution will have to wait. Despite all the hype around Block Themes, classic WordPress themes continue to dominate the market. So one thing is for sure: classic themes will stay....

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