Raidboxes Wordpress Newsletter 149

WordPress News: WordPress 6.1 & Crypto for WooCommerce

Even though Halloween is over, we still have some goodies for you: Learn what the WordPress community thinks about the Twitter takeover, where you can find a comprehensive list of Gutenberg best practices and why crypto payments might be interesting for your WooCommerce store. We also have exciting news: our first sustainability report is out! And we'll show you the benefits of A/B testing and what's new in the WordPress 6.1 update. Enjoy! 🍬✨

raidboxes common goods

Our first sustainability report for 2020 is here. As you know, we stand for a corporate philosophy that focuses on sustainability in all areas. Thanks to our ambitions, we have now officially become part of the common good economy, making transparent what we have stood for since the beginning of Raidboxes\. Learn more

News from the magazine

Wordpress Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel for your WordPress website

This code snippet will help you serve your ads to exactly the right audiences, increase your conversions, and more. We'll show you how to add Facebook Pixel to WordPress.

Wordpress 6.1

What's new in WordPress 6.1?

Since November 1st WordPress 6.1 "Misha" is now officially available. This time the update includes the new standard theme Twenty Twenty-Three and some improvements of the popular Block Editor.

A B Testing

Why your store needs A/B testing

Should the "Buy now" button be green or red? With A/B testing, you can find the hidden potential of your online store. Here you can find out whether it is relevant for you and how you can best implement it.


First steps in block development: build your first block

Want to find out how to create your own Gutenberg blocks? Then this course is just right for you. Using a sample project, you will learn step by step all the basics for your future projects.

10up publishes Gutenberg best practices
Until recently, it was difficult to keep up with Gutenberg updates. So 10up has now launched a best practices website where you can access tutorials, documentation, and sample code!


WordPress community is not ready to leave Twitter
Elon Musk has taken over Twitter and many users are worried about losing the network. Raidboxes has now decided to turn off all Twitter Ads and like the majority of the WordPress community - wait and see.

Is it time for cryptocurrencies in WooCommerce?
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoins, DogeCoin - for many of us these terms are still unfamiliar. But those who accept crypto payments in WooCommerce store can look forward to numerous advantages, such as lower transaction costs.

Online Marketing

How to E-A-T: Digital PR the ethical way.
I'm sure you're familiar with the marketing adage that people buy from people, not companies. It's all about building trust, and that takes time and consistency, both with search engines and with your customers.

Web Design & Development

Tutorial: Embed YouTube videos in a design-friendly way
Videos are a popular tool for website design. However, they can also have unsightly usability flaws, such as when they change size in mobile view. These three methods offer a solution to that.

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