WordPress News 154

WordPress News: Ad Creatives & WP theme Lemmony

We start this week with refreshing WordPress news and the new WordPress block theme Lemmony. In addition to a preview of WordPress 6.2, we also have an exciting interview on the topic of product development in agencies for you. In the magazine we show you how you can use email marketing for your business and help you, thanks to clever testing, to get optimal results from your advertising campaigns. Cheers! 🍹

Testing Ad Creatives

Ad Creatives - With clever tests to the optimal result
They are the visual and communicative components that make up an ad. Ad creatives play a crucial role in engaging and retaining the target audience. Let's take a closer look at ads, the testing process and their optimization. Learn more

News from the magazine

Email Marketing Basics

E-mail marketing: Is it still up to date?

Email marketing still has enormous potential - also as a channel for freelancers and agencies. This is the start of a series of articles in which we show you the strengths of email and how you can use it.

Automated plugin Updates

Automatic WordPress plugin updates

The automatic updates for minor versions of WordPress have proven themselves for years. But does it also work smoothly with plugin updates? And if so, what do you have to consider?

New Prices New Benefits

New Prices and Benefits at Raidboxes

We are all affected by the price increases, even Raidboxes. What exactly does that mean for you? And how can you still benefit from more service? Our overview for you.


WordPress 6.2 Live Demo

On March 2, Release Squad members Anne McCarthy and Rich Tabor presented all the new features of WordPress 6.2 - which will be released as early as March 28 - in a product demo.

Lemmony: What the free WordPress Block theme is all about.
It's suitable for businesses, agencies and portfolio websites, and makes quite a splash in the mobile version, too. Lemmony is well received: a fast and lightweight WordPress theme, optimized for speed.


Privacy trap of the new WordPress image database has been removed
With WordPress 6.2, the Openverse makes its way into the WordPress Core. An openly accessible image database is supposed to facilitate the creation of content - but so far concerns about privacy and loading times arose.

Wave of warnings regarding Google Fonts - an end in sight
Who uses one of the older WordPress standard themes, may have received a warning letter because of the not GDPR-compliant use of Google Fonts. But now a solution could be found.

Online Marketing

The right content for your service-based business
By creating problem-solving content, you build a customer base and automatically generate new leads. How-to content, blog posts, and videos help you reach the pain points of your target audience.

Web Design & Development

Interview: Product development in agencies
Pixel Jar 's product director, Brandon Dove, creates plugins for clients with his agency. In this interview, he talks about the lessons he's learned about balancing agency operations and product development.

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