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WordPress News: E-Book SEO Audit & Fundraiser

We celebrate the round WordPress birthday with a campaign: We donate 1 Euro for every new signup until June 30 to the WordPress Foundation to support future projects of the community. In the magazine we show you the 4 biggest WordPress security vulnerabilities and how you can protect yourself from them. Don't miss our brand new e-book SEO Audit. It contains all the tips for a better ranking of your website on the web. And now have fun reading and enjoy the sun! 🌞

E-Book SEO Audit

E-Book SEO Audit: Better Rankings for Your Website
An SEO audit is the ultimate test of your website to assess the current level of search engine optimization and technical optimization. Our new e-book SEO Audit helps you to identify and eliminate the weaknesses of your website in the search results of Google and Co. Learn more

News from the magazine

WordPress Vulnerabilities

4 major WordPress security vulnerabilities

We show you the most important gateways for hackers and what you should pay attention to in order to close the vulnerabilities. With our tips, you can easily get a grip on most security problems.

Server Side Caching

Server-side caching for better performance

Slow loading times can spoil the website experience. One way to speed up loading times is to use caching to store frequently used data and retrieve it faster.

DDoS Attacks

How to prevent DDoS attacks effectively

A DDoS attack is a sudden influx of artificial traffic designed to cripple your website's server. This can lead to significant economic damage and loss of image.


Update to WordPress 6.2.2 Security Release recommended
The minor release WordPress 6.2.2 fixes a bug of the previous version 6.2.1 and a security vulnerability. Since this is a security release, we advise updating your sites as soon as possible.

How to create a membership site with WordPress

A membership site allows you to provide exclusive content, resources, and services to your customers. This offers an additional source of revenue, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Web Design & Development

10 Exciting AI Tools for Your Web Design
We believe that AI technology can be an asset to us all, if we use it consciously and wisely. Like these 10 AI-powered apps that can make your workday easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable.

12 Best Premium WordPress Themes
There's no shortage of free and premium themes on WordPress by any means. However, investing in a premium WordPress theme can also be a smart move and take your website to the next level.

Online Marketing

Science of logo design: choose an effective logo

Whether you're just starting a business or considering a rebrand, one of the most important parts of the process is creating a high-quality logo that conveys your brand's message.

How social media can boost your SEO
As with all things in marketing, these two marketing strategies have the potential to increase mutual success. After all, when SEO and social media work together, your website can drive even more traffic.

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