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WordPress News: WP Page Speed & Woo Express

Summer, sun, WordPress news? In any case, we have a lot in store to sweeten your summer break - WordPress 6.3 Beta 2 is already running, we take a look at the latest Gutenberg update and there are excellent news for the world of online stores. In the magazine we show you how to optimize your page speed and what stumbling blocks to watch out for in email marketing. 🤸

Optimize WordPress Page Speed

Optimize WordPress Page Speed: 5 Tips for Your Fine Tuning
A slow website not only makes for dissatisfied visitors, but also hurts your Google ranking. We'll show you how to optimize your WordPress page speed and go mainly into less common tips and tricks to fine tune your WordPress website. Learn more

News from the magazine

Wordpress Redirects

Setting up WordPress redirects - how it works

We'll show you how to set up redirects with and without plugin . Redirects are used to redirect visitors to another URL when they visit your website.

WordPress News: WP Page Speed & Woo Express

How to reset your WordPress

Your website no longer runs as it should? The last WordPress update has destroyed your entire site ? Find out when a restart is worthwhile for your project and how exactly you reset WordPress.

Email Marketing Laws

Stumbling block e-mail marketing law

Email marketing is a powerful tool, but it also has its own legal pitfalls. In this article, you'll get an overview of some important points to keep in mind.


WordPress 6.3 Beta 2 is ready for testing
Here we go again! The latest WordPress version already includes more than 500 new features and over 400 bug fixes that will improve your editing experience and optimize the user experience.

What's new in Gutenberg 16.0?

It's time once again for a trip into the world of Gutenberg blocks! This version brings significant upgrades to the site editor, introduces a newly stabilized block and refines the dimension controls.

Web design & development

Quick guide to Google Analytics 4
Picture this: You get the keys to an analytics superpower that lets you see your digital world with laser-sharp clarity. Sound good? Then sit back and learn all about the new Google Analytics 4!

Matt Mullenweg on WordPress & AI
In the video, Matt Mullenweg and Jamie Marsland talk about the topic of Artificial Intelligence. How will it affect WordPress and our society? Matt shares his view on the future with AI.


Wordfence 7.10.0 is available

The security plugin Wordfence recently released Wordfence 7.10.0 with some updates in terms of translation and internationalization - you can find an overview of all important changes here.


Woo Express: Online store made easy
Attention all entrepreneurs: Woo Express is a version of WooCommerce with the most important and useful features already installed and preconfigured. Open your store today!

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