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WordPress News: Time for spring cleaning

When I come into the office here in the morning, I no longer see the sunrise, but actually the sun. How beautiful! For the second time this year, here's the WordPress news for March 2024. This time in the newsletter: Put an end to long loading times, take part in our webinar and benefit from our expert knowledge! Also: Disabling comments in WordPress and block bindings in WordPress 6.5. Still not enough? Then there's an article on generating images and graphics with AI and much more.
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Put an end to long loading times - register for our webinar!

Do you want to take your customers' website performance to the next level? Dive into the world of WordPress optimization with our team of experts: Chris Kubisch and Lisa Hunke. In this webinar, you will not only learn how to optimize loading times, but also receive tips and tricks that you can implement immediately. From fine-tuned image optimization to efficient use of resources - we've got you covered.

News from the magazine

Wordpress 6.5 Newsletter 2

The WordPress 6.5 update is coming

WP 6.5 will be launched on March 26! Take a look at the new features and changes you can look forward to. These range from innovations to the Gutenberg editor and a font library to more design freedom.

Data protection conversion killer

Conversion killer data protection?

Data protection causes a lot of work for companies. How do we deal with GDPR, the ePrivacy Regulation and the like at Raidboxes ? What are the disadvantages of measures that become a conversion killer?

Create Images With Ai Newsletter 2

Generate images & graphics with AI

Images and graphics enhance your online content enormously. Things are now easier to implement with AI. You can read about the advantages and disadvantages of this in this article by Jan Tissler.


To deactivate comments or not? That is the question here!

In which cases should you deactivate comments in WordPress? And how do you actually do this? This article shows you three methods of deactivation and helps you to make the best strategic decision.

Block bindings - a guide with almost no code

WordPress version 6.5 finally introduces the Block Bindings API, which allows you to link block content to custom fields. You only need a little code for this. You can find out more here.

Web Design & Development

Web design trends that are here to stay

Designers were particularly creative during the coronavirus pandemic. Which of the trends created are here to stay? They include retro designs and fonts, 3D images and augmented reality.

Create & manage block patterns in WordPress

Block patterns are specific layouts that you can use for different purposes. They allow you to reuse block groups and help you to work more efficiently. Learn how to work with them.


Smart strategies for your e-commerce growth

E-commerce companies face challenges in today's world. If you still want your growth to go through the roof, here are nine smart strategies. From data-driven decision making to pricing.

8 tips for better business writing

What is business writing and what types of writing are there? Learn eight basic tips to improve your business writing skills. Use them to optimize your website and convert more!

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