WP News: Holacracy in action & Google launches mobile-first indexing

Leefke Krönke Last updated 10/23/2020
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WP-News #55: Holacracy , Google AMP and WP-CLI
Last updated 10/23/2020

Although it was a bit quieter during the holidays, we of course have the WP news of the last two weeks for you: Google has rolled out the long announced Mobile-First-Index, Caspar Hübinger deals extensively with the AMP project and Florian Brinkmann explains how to make you WP-CLI more productive. We also show you how to implementHolacracy in your company.

WordPress -News #55 Holacracy  creates high-performance teams

Holacracy in sction: 5 steps to develop a high-performance team

We "abolished" the executive floor at RAIDBOXES back in 2016. Since then, we have successfully implemented the Holacracy organizational form. We are convinced that many companies would also benefit from this, because Holacracy significantly promotes the personal responsibility, productivity and personal freedom of each employee. The role structure ensures clear responsibilities and creates agility at the same time. Our Co-Founder Johannes explains what makes this form of organization so successful and how you can Holacracy in five steps in your company.


WP-CLI boosts your productivity
With the command line interface WP-CLI, various tasks can be completed much faster than in the backend. Instead of performing actions with several clicks, a single WP-CLI command is often sufficient. WP-CLI is also pre-installed in the RAIDBOXES SSH environment to save you even more time during development. Florian Brinkmann shows youhow to automate your Plugin, Theme and core updates with WP-CLI .

Why Gutenberg? And why now of all times?
Tevya Washburn explores why a "disruptive innovation" like the Gutenberg editor is such an important step for WordPress in his article in WP Tavern. If you're interested in the different takes on the new WP editor, it's also worth checking out the 50+ comments on Washburn's article.

Practical WordPress glossary for WP newbies
As an experienced WP developer or web designer, it's easy to forget how many terms in the WordPress ecosystem are "WP jargon" that those outside the field may not even understand. To help WP beginners get started, the WordPress marketing team has created a downloadable WP glossary that briefly explains the most important WP terms.


Google launches mobile-first indexing
As announced back in 2016, Google has launched mobile-first indexing. But this is no reason to panic! The colleagues at SEMrush explain what this really changes and how to optimize your mobile site . The most important takeaway: "Don't let the disproportionately high amount of chatter about mobile distract you from the financial importance of desktop users."

Google AMP - Hate it or love it
In his extensive article he deals with Caspar Hübinger takes a critical but fair look at Google's "Accelerated Mobile Pages" (AMP). Although Google's goal with its AMP project is to accelerate the mobile web, this technology comes with some (moral) problems. The overriding criticism is the increasing power and dependence on Google.

web design

GDPR and Google Fonts - How to be on the safe side
Many WP-Themes make use of the free Google Fonts. As soon as a site with Google Fonts is called up, these fonts are loaded via the Google server. Since data is transferred to Google during this call, some site operators worry about the GDPR -conformity of Google Fonts. Jonas Tietgen from WP Ninjas shows you how to avoid this problem by loading Google Fonts via your own server.

As Head of Content Marketing, Leefke always has the RAIDBOXES magazine "wp unboxed", the newsletter & the social media channels in her sights. That's why she always knows the latest developments in the WP community. Unfortunately she is rarely to be found in Münster nowadays. But Hamburg is said to be rather nice too.

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