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Leefke Krönke Last updated 10/23/2020
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Last updated 10/23/2020

Before you start your well-deserved weekend, we have the latest WP news for you: WordPress -Core will soon feature tools and help for GDPR -compliance and the session schedule for the WordCamp Retreat in Soltau is set. Also, security vendor Sucuri has released its Hacked Website Report 2017. And our GDPR guide will get you ready for the General Data Protection Regulation.

GDPR Guide

Our GDPR -Guide for agencies, freelancers and website operators

In a few weeks, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ) will take effect. In plain language, this means that as of May 25, 2018, the supervisory authority can punish violations of the GDPR with fines that you should not underestimate. In particularly serious cases, the penalty is up to 20 million euros or 4 percent of annual turnover - whichever is higher. Agencies, freelancers and website operators who have not yet dealt with GDPR should urgently do so. To help you prepare for GDPR , we have a free GDPR guide with the most important basic principles, concrete use cases and a practical GDPR checklist.


New data protection tools for the WordPress core
Since a few weeks there is the GDPR-Compliance-Team, which takes care of the GDPR -compliance of WordPress . The goal is to provide understandable privacy policies for website owners, guidelines for Plugin developers and documentation about the GDPR requirements. The team is also working on privacy tools to be integrated into the WordPress core by May.

Criticism of the Gutenberg editor is ongoing
WP Tavern editor Jeff Chandler reports his experience with the Gutenberg editor after an extensive testing period. His main criticism is the lack of compatibility with various Plugins. His summary: "If this version of Gutenberg were merged into WordPress today, it would be a disaster. It's clear that the project has a long way to go before being considered for merging into core". As with many Gutenberg articles, the discussion in the comments is well worth reading.

Only 2 weeks left until the WordCamp Retreat
The session schedule for the WordCamp Retreat is set. On Friday there will be three parallel tracks with a total of 12 sessions. Contributing and a BarCamp are scheduled for Saturday. Sunday morning will also feature a variety of sessions. The special thing about the retreat format: apart from the lectures, there will be joint (outdoor) activities. If you want to join us from May 4th to May 6th, make sure you get one of the last tickets!


Sucuri releases "Hacked Website Trend Report 2017"
Sucuri's security experts analyzed the malware and hacking methods used on 34,371 infected websites. A joyful finding of the analysis: in 2016, 61 percent of the analyzed were still running WordPress sites were still running on an outdated WP version. In 2017, it was only 39.3 percent. You can find more exciting results in Sucuri's "Hacked Website Trend Report 2017”.

"Is WordPress Secure? That Depends on You."
Mark Maunder - CEO of Defiant, the makers of the popular security plugin "Wordfence" - answers the question of whether WordPress is a secure content management system. In his detailed post, Maunder takes up the cudgels for WordPress and gives you five valuable security tips that you should implement as a website owner.

web design

Design tips for more inclusivity
We often forget that other people may perceive their environment very differently than we do. To keep this in mind as a web designer, Steven Lambert advises looking at each design through different "accessibilitylenses". Each of these lenses (e.g. animation and effects, colours, keyboard or readability) represents certain questions you should ask yourself in order to identify potential problems and implement accessibility in the best possible way.

As Head of Content Marketing, Leefke always has the RAIDBOXES magazine "wp unboxed", the newsletter & the social media channels in her sights. That's why she always knows the latest developments in the WP community. Unfortunately she is rarely to be found in Münster nowadays. But Hamburg is said to be rather nice too.

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