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WP News: 6 GDPR tips for your email marketing & our WP Session Eraser

In the past two weeks, there was a lot going on: There are livestream tickets for the WCEU again, Google changes the security instructions in Chrome and the entry into force of GDPR leads to some absurd actions. We also have six "last-minute "GDPR measures for your email marketing and introduce you to our new privacy feature for Raidboxes customers - the WP Session Eraser.

WP News: 6 GDPR tips for your email marketing & our WP Session Eraser

What GDPR Means For Your Email Marketing

After weeks of uncertainty, frustration and despair for many website operators and entrepreneurs, the time had finally come last Friday: GDPR came into force. But don't worry, this doesn't mean that you have to stop sending your marketing emails completely. In her guest article, Vivien Beischau from Newsletter2Go reveals six measures and tips that will help you make your email marketing GDPR -compliant and avoid fines.

GDPR-compliant with our WP Session Eraser

Against the background of the GDPR principle of data economy, you should store as little personal data as possible. We help you to implement this principle in your WordPress sessions. With our WP Session Eraser you can define in your Raidboxes-Dashboard with just a few clicks, in which interval the session data of your users will be deleted.


Follow the WCEU from your sofa at home!
WordCamp Europe 2018 will take place in Belgrade from June 14 to 16. A regular ticket costs a fair 40 euros and includes admission for both conference days - including snacks, drinks and lunch - plus Contributor Day and afterparty. If you can't arrange a trip to Serbia or are only interested in selected sessions, just register for a free livestream ticket

WordPress is only good for small websites? As if!
Unfortunately, outside the WordPress community, you still come across the misconception that our favorite CMS is only suitable for blogs and small websites. Fortunately, there are enough examples to convince doubters of the opposite. The colleagues at WPLift have come up with a list of 21 well-known brands and companies that use WordPress.


"Bye bye!", green lock
Google has announced that it will do away with the green "Secure" security notice for HTTPS pages in Chrome from September. The recently introduced "Not Secure" on HTTP pages, on the other hand, will not only remain - It will even be highlighted in red starting with Chrome 70. "Users should expect that the web is safe by default, and they'll be warned when there's an issue," writes Chrome Security Product Manager Emily Schechter in the Chromium blog.


The GDPR cabinet of absurdities
In recent weeks, the General Data Protection Regulation has driven us all crazy. The great general uncertainty and panic has now taken on bizarre proportions at some companies, associations and website operators and led to questionable GDPR measures, flubs and mockery. Our colleagues at Heise Online have some entertaining examples of such GDPR absurdities up their sleeves.


Meta descriptions are getting shorter again
After Google recently increased the maximum length for meta descriptions, there is now a new change according to the colleagues from Yoast: "While Google showed snippets with long meta descriptions (around 320 characters) in the past few months, the snippets are now back to their old length (between 150 and 170 characters)". If your snippets are over 155 words long, you should shorten them again, advises SEO expert Marieke van de Rakt.

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