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WP News: Sense and nonsense of PageSpeed Insights & the new Gutenberg roadmap

In the last two weeks there has been a lot going on in the WP community: WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg reveals at WordCamp Europe in Belgrade when the Gutenberg editor is ready for the merge; the "plugin Detective" helps you troubleshoot your WP-site; and we show you with the example of the New York Times why a low PageSpeed Insights score is no reason for concern.

WP News: Sense and nonsense of PageSpeed Insights & the new Gutenberg roadmap

That's why the New York Times only has a PageSpeed score of 52

Many successful WordPress sites such as the Wall Street Journal or Forbes achieve anything but good results in a performance test with the Google PageSpeed Insights tool. This is despite the fact that the business model of such online publications depends on good performance. Using the New York Times as an example, we show you why you and your customers can safely disregard the PageSpeed Insights score and the tool's optimization suggestions.

WP News: Sense and nonsense of PageSpeed Insights & the new Gutenberg roadmap

Raidboxes in an interview about blog marketing

We were guests of Denis Sandmann and talked a little bit about our business. Among other things, we revealed in the interview how the blog articles for our magazine OUT OF THE BOX are created and how a company blog can help your business get ahead. We also talk openly about the hurdles and problems that your own blog can bring.


WCEU: Gutenberg integration comes sooner than expected
WordCamp Europe in Belgrade was a complete success with 54 organizers, 60 speakers, 170 volunteers and over 2000 participants. In his traditional keynote, WP co-founder Matt Mullenweg announced the further Gutenberg roadmap. Furthermore, Berlin was revealed as the venue for WCEU 2019.

All details about the new WP editor by Matias Ventura
At WordCamp Europe, Gutenberg co-lead Matias Ventura answers questions from WP Tavern. In the 13 minute interview he talks about the beginnings of the Gutenberg project, the mixed reactions from the WP community and the roadmap for the merge into WordPress core. He also shares tips on how to get familiar with the new editor.

How to create your own Gutenberg block
Now that Matt Mullenweg has announced that the Gutenberg editor will be integrated into WordPress core in just a few weeks, it's time to dig a little deeper. The colleagues from Atomic Blocks show you how to create your first custom Gutenberg block with the Create Guten Block Toolkit (CGB) by Ahmad Awais.


The plugin detective "Otto" helps you with troubleshooting
With the new "plugin Detective" you can identify and fix plugin conflicts on your WP-site quickly and easily. As soon as the little detective "Otto" has found the culprit, the responsible plugin can be deactivated directly. At WordCamp Orange County, USA, the plugin even won the 1st prize at the "plugin-a-Palooza ", a contest for plugin developers.

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Why you shouldn't write off PHP
In his article, WP developer David Hayes makes good arguments why you should continue to work with PHP in 2018. He also addresses the known shortcomings: "PHP is a strange and ugly language. It's not exceptionally fast. It's not beautiful syntactically. It's not formulated around a clear opinion about good software development practices. And it's still what I write a lot of software in."

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