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WP News: 15 years of WP history & WordPress 4.9.8 announces Gutenberg

As always, we have our WP news for you today: Since the update to WordPress 4.9.8 at the latest, the Gutenberg editor has been the number one topic of conversation. However, the reactions to the Gutenberg announcement are very mixed. But we have some reassuring news about the topic Advanced Custom Fields and Gutenberg in the bag. We also look into the question of what is so special about the WordPress success story.

WP News: 15 years of WP history & WordPress 4.9.8 announces Gutenberg

Update to WordPress 4.9.8 - Test now safely Gutenberg

WordPress 4.9.8 was released almost exactly a week ago. In addition to the obligatory security and bug fixes, there is a special feature in this update: In your admin overview, you are now prompted to test the Gutenberg editor. With the next major update to version 5.0, Gutenberg will replace the TinyMCE editor. Therefore, you should definitely check beforehand how your sitebehaves under Gutenberg . We show you how you can safely test the new WP editor and bypass it if necessary.

WordPress: A story of crises, ideals and global leadership

By now, a full 31.5 percent of the top 10 million websites run on WordPress and thousands of web professionals earn their living with the popular open-source software. Nevertheless, very few people know how our favourite CMS became what it is today. To fill this knowledge gap, our managing director Johannes explains, among other things, which fortunate circumstances have contributed significantly to the WordPress success story.


Mixed reactions to the Gutenberg editor
With the update to WordPress 4.9.8, many WP users have learned about Gutenberg for the first time. The response to it so far has been "mixed" to say the least. The colleagues of WP Tavern have collected some of the first reactions. The critical discussion in the almost 100 comments to the article (in which, by the way, WP co-founder Matt Mullenweg also participated) illustrates the displeasure of many users.

Advanced Custom Fields confirm Gutenberg compatibility
The ACF team has announced that Advanced Custom Fields will be compatible with the Gutenberg editor: "But we want you to know that ACF has been preparing for this change for quite some time. Our goal is not only to survive the changes brought by Gutenberg, but to thrive with them." The concern of many web designers that ACF will no longer work on their client sites seems to be unfounded for the time being.


How to build a successful WordPress product
We asked Daniel Angeloff - the CEO of Fastgecko - questions about his WordPress business. In the interview with us, he reveals helpful tips on how to build a successful product business with WordPress in just a few steps and which mistakes you should better avoid.

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