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WP News: WordPress 5.0 coming in November & 3 steps to WP Contributor

The timetable for WordPress 5.0 has finally been set - but not everyone is happy about the chosen release date. And there is criticism about the accessibility of the Gutenberg editor from the accessibility team. In addition, the preparation for the Christmas business starts slowly and we show you how you can get involve WordPress d - without any programming knowledge - at .

WP News: WordPress 5.0 coming in November & 3 steps to WP Contributor

Contribute to WordPress: Becoming a WP Contributor in 3 Steps

Many - if not most - WordPress users do not even know that WordPress .org as an open source project is maintained and further developed by thousands of voluntary supporters (contributors) worldwide. Behind the regular WordPress updates, which e.g. close security gaps or integrate new features into the core, there is a lot of unpaid work. Since WordPress wouldn't exist without contributors, we'll show you how you can contribute to the WP community even without programming skills.


WordPress 5.0: Team and Deadlines are fixed
Since last week the uncertainty has an end: The team and the roadmap for WordPress 5.0 are fixed. The targeted release date is November 19 - plus up to eight days if necessary. If it does get too close, there is an alternative release date in January. The colleagues from Gutenberg Times have summarized the most important information.

Voices against Gutenberg -Release in November
In the reactions to the announcement of the roadmap for WordPress 5.0 hails it especially from WordPress users from the U.S. criticism of the chosen release date. The reason: November 19 is just before Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. That after the update with an increased support volume is to be expected, is only one of the points of criticism.

How accessible is Gutenberg really?
RianRietveld - Lead of the WP Accessibility Team - has resigned from her position. Rietveld justifies her decision with the tedious and often unsuccessful attempts of her team to contribute to the accessibility of the Gutenberg editor: "The [testing] results indicated so many accessibility issues that most testers refused to look at Gutenberg again."

web design

Improve UX with microinteractions
Microinteractions are small dynamic contents that are triggered by a certain action of your website visitors. The colleagues from ThemeIsle explain how the small animations improve the user experience and which simple tools you can use to integrate dynamic content into WordPress.

Do you have to know React for Gutenberg ?
With the upcoming Gutenberg merge, as a web designer you're probably wondering if you need to know the JavaScript framework "React". According to Josh Pollock, it's not mandatory: "None of this matters unless you want to make your own blocks. If you just want to use the blocks provided by core or plugins, you never need to make your own block types."


Attention store owners: In 72 days it's Christmas
October has just begun and you should already be thinking about the Christmas season? - Definitely! This is especially true if you run an online store. Our colleagues from Yoast have some valuable content tips for you and tell you how to prepare for the Christmas season.

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