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WP News: Our contribution to the common good & misuse of WPML user data

There's been a lot going on in the WP universe in the last two weeks: WordPress.com announces a cooperation with Google, the update to WordPress 5.1 is coming in February with a handy feature, and a former WPML employee is misusing data from users of the plugin. Plus, ticket sales for WordCamp Osnabrück have started and we show you what we learned in our second Visions workshop on the topic of common good balance.

WP News: Our contribution to the common good & misuse of WPML user data

Common Good Balance Sheet Part 2 - Our Way to More Sustainability

A few weeks ago, we held our first internal workshop on sustainability and the common good and worked with the entire RB team on a long-term corporate vision for Raidboxes\. Today, our managing director Johannes tells you what questions and discussions dominated the second day of the workshop and what concrete measures we have already been able to implement. We also have downloadable resources that you can use to assess your company's common good performance.

Measuring pagespeed: E-Book


New publishing platform from Automattic
With the "Newspack" platform, Automattic - the company behind WordPress.com - wants to reach e.g. local newspapers that do not want to worry about running their website. The project is supported by Google and other investors with a total of 2.4 million US dollars. Many in the WP community are critical of this development. So does Morten Rand-Hendriksen, who explains in his article what this development could mean for the future of WordPress as an open source project.

WordPress 5.1 brings exciting feature
The release of WordPress 5.1, which is currently still in beta, is scheduled for February 21, 2019. Among other things, the update brings a new feature to WP-Core, which ensures that you can still log into your WordPressDashboard and troubleshoot in the event of a "White Screen of Death".

Get your ticket for WordCamp Osnabrück
The first WordCamp Osnabrück will take place from March 23 to 24, 2019. Since the start of ticket sales last week, there are already numerous registrations. If you want to be there, make sure you get your ticket soon! The orga team is also looking forward to more sponsors, workshop leaders and volunteers.

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Markup checklist for SEO
With the help of markup you provide search engines with additional structural information. If these are displayed in your search results, the attention and consequently the click rate increases. But which markups are relevant for SEO? And where should you include them? Our colleagues at Bloofusion have the right answers for you, as well as a practical checklist for non-techies.


Website of the plugin "WPML" hacked
Users of the multi-language plugin "WPML" received an email on January 19 with a notice about a serious security vulnerability of the plugin. This notice was also on the official WPML website. The makers of the plugin suspect a former employee behind the attack. In an official statement, all WPML users are urged to reset their account.

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