WordPress-News: Advertising in WP-Plugins and Google Deindexing Bug

WP News: Discussion about plugin advertising & tips for mobile optimization

There are a few things to report from the last two weeks: Two plugins from Automattic have come under fire from the developer community, a bug in Google's index is making webmasters angry and a WP plugin vulnerability is currently being exploited. We also have a helpful tool for identifying typos and show why responsive does not automatically mean mobile-compatible.

Mobile optimization: responsive web design does not equal mobile-friendly

Why is responsive not mobile-friendly?

More and more people are using their smartphone or tablet to access the internet instead of a desktop PC or laptop. This is especially true for private use when searching for specific problems, solutions, products or services. - This is a change that every website operator should adapt to. However, a responsive theme is not enough. That's why we have 6 tips foroptimising your WordPresssite for mobile visitors.


Big discussion about plugin -advertising
After harsh criticism from the developer community, the plugins Jetpack and WooCommerce have removed their backend advertising for their own extensions. A worth reading discussion of the issue is provided by Eric Karkovack's article "Is Nothing Sacred? The Pollution of the WordPress Dashboard".

The WCEU session schedule is set
This year's WordCamp Europe will take place in Berlin from June 21-22, 2019. A few days ago, the session schedule was published. With 5 parallel session and workshop tracks, everyone will get their money's worth. The topics range from development and design to business, content and community. Today at 12:00 the next ticket wave starts.

Article series: developing your own Gutenberg block
In the first part of his new article series, Thomas Weichselbaumer from theme Coder shows you how to develop your own Gutenberg block from scratch. The first article is about the architecture of a block plugin and the most important tools you need to develop in modern JavaScript.


Google bug leads to de-indexing
According to data from Moz, 4% of the Google index was affected by a "de-indexing bug" last week. On Saturday, Google said that the bug had been fixed. After there were more complaints over the weekend, the problem is now said to be actually fixed. You can read more about this on Search Engine Land.

web design

Which font does the logo have?
How often have you been asked to determine a client's typography with the naked eye and only on the basis of a logo? With Font Squirrel's matcherator, this question will no longer be a problem! Just upload an image file or image URL and the AI will suggest similar fonts.


Vulnerability in plugin "yuzo-related-post"
The plugin "yuzo-related-post", which is active on over 60,000 WordPress sites , was removed from the official plugin directory due to a cross-site scripting vulnerability. Since then, hackers have been actively attacking WP sites with plugin installed. Therefore, you should uninstallplugin immediately!

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