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WP News: Use web fonts correctly & WooCommerce Performance Update

Today in our WP News: The release of the next major WordPress update is postponed, WooCommerce 3.6 brings long-awaited innovations and Gutenberg gets a new block. Plus, we show what basics you should know about typography and web fonts. And we have 10 tips for optimizing landing pages.

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The best landing pages: 10 tips for more conversions

You've put a lot of time and effort into creating a new landing page, come up with a special design and described your offer in all its facets - and yet the conversions are much worse than expected? Samira Marke has given us 10 tips on how to increase the conversions of your landing page simply and effectively. You can find out what they are here.

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Do you know the most important typography principles in web design?

Typography in web design, i.e. the use of fonts on your website, is actually not that difficult. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind so that the readability of your content or the performance of your site do not suffer. Mark Henckel has the most important basic rules of typography plus helpful tips on the use of web fonts for you.


WordPress 5.2 release postponed
The next major WordPress update was actually scheduled for April 30, 2019. However, since there are still several open tickets to work on, the release cycle has been adjusted. WordPress 5.2 is now scheduled to come out on the 7th Mai - one week later. You can read about how we handle updates at Raidboxes here.

The new Gutenberg block "Group"
The development of this block took a while, but now it's ready: since the update of the Gutenberg plugin to version 5.5 there is finally a block to group multiple blocks. The colleagues from Elmastudio show you what the group block can already do and where there is still room for improvement.

WooCommerce 3.6 brings performance boost
After 6 months of development WooCommerce 3.6 was released last week. WooCommerce-Shops running on websites with WordPress 5.0 or higher now have access to 8 new product blocks for the Gutenberg editor. In addition, the update should bring significant performance improvements.


Pros and cons of the 4-day week
The company behind the freemium newsletterplugin MailPoet introduced the 4-day week for its 13-strong remote team in 2016. MailPoet co-founder Kim Gjerstad provides an exciting behind-the-scenes look at how the team has fared with it so far and the benefits and hurdles of this model.


15 Advanced Link Building Tips
SEO expert and entrepreneur Kristopher B. Jones explains in the Yoast blog why proper link building is still an important SEO strategy. He also reveals 15 actions you can take to build quality backlinks and positively impact your search engine ranking.

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