WP-News: Mobile first indexing for new domains & Gutenberg vs. WordPress page builder

Leefke Krönke Last updated on 23.10.2020
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WP News: Mobile First Index, Gutenberg 5.8, WCEU Livestream and much more

Shortly before the long Whitsun weekend we have the latest WP-News for you: The WordPress marketing lead has resigned, Gutenberg gets a Block directory, Google strengthened Mobile First Indexing and Gutenberg 5.8 is there. We also show how much a WooCommerce Shop costs and we look at the extent to which Gutenberg the established Page Builders Competition.

What does a WooCommerce Shop cost?

What does a typical WooCommerce Shop cost?

WooCommerce became the most successful software for online shops worldwide within a few years. According to BuiltWith, it is currently used by up to 22 percent of all shops. More and more agencies, web designers and freelancers are considering using WooCommerce it. But what can the free shop system on WordPress -basis do? When should you use it and how much does a typical online shop cost? Our WooCommerce-expert Michael has the answers for you.

What does a WooCommerce Shop cost?

Gutenberg vs. Page Builder: The state after 6 months

Since the official release of WordPress 5.0 on December 6, 2018, the Gutenberg-editor has been an integral part of the WordPress -Core. This means: Gutenberg is now in use for more than half a year. Tariq Baig For this reason, we took a look at what has happened in the meantime. He also looks into the question whether the Gutenberg-Editor can keep up with the already established WordPress Page Builders. You can read his conclusion here .


Install new blocks directly in the editor
The WP design team is currently working on a "Block Library" for Gutenberg. The goal is to be able to use the WordPress.org API to search for relevant blocks or Gutenberg plugins blocks using their names or descriptions in the editor. This way, new blocks plugins can then be directly installed from the Gutenberg-editor for the supervisory authorities.

Gutenberg 5.8 brings new features
Gutenberg 5.8 not only brings new functions, numerous improvements and bug fixes - the new version also performs better in terms of performance. New is, among other things, the possibility to change the text color of headlines. In addition, images in a gallery can now be rearranged directly in the editor. You can find all new features here.

Why the WP Marketing Lead is resigning
Joost de Valk - founder of the famous SEO plugins Yoast - took on the role of "CMO of WordPress " a few months ago. Due to some misunderstandings regarding his area of responsibility, he has now officially resigned from his position. The exact reasons for this decision, he explains in a blog post.

Follow the WCEU in the livestream!
You can't attend WordCamp Europe 2019, but don't want to miss the sessions? No problem, because on both conference days (on 21 and 22 June) there will be a livestream of the presentations. A registration is not required. The link is established via the WCEU Twitter account announced.

Online Marketing

Mobile First Indexing for new domains
As early as 2016, Google has announced its intention to replace the Desktop Index with the Mobile Index in the long term. This means that Google primarily considers and evaluates the mobile version of a website in its ranking. From 1 July, this procedure is to be applied to new domains become the norm.

Successful marketing with a small budget
The colleagues from UPLOAD magazine explain why a well thought-out strategy is the most important marketing investment. Besides the basic questions you should ask yourself about your marketing strategy, the article also deals with social media communication and the Advantages of Corporate Blogs for small businesses.

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