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WP-News: Gutenberg 6.4 Optimizes Writing Flow & 4 Typical Freelancer Errors

Today we have our fresh WP news for a change right at the start of the week: Among other things, we have the new features of Gutenberg 6 .4, current information about the Gutenberg block directory and an introduction to the ACF-plugin in the bag. In addition, Jan Tißler reveals typical freelancer mistakes and we discuss the balancing act between data protection and conversion optimization.

advanced custom fields wordpress

What are custom fields in WordPress and why do I need them?

"You don't know Advanced Custom Fields ? Without ACF, I definitely wouldn't use WordPress anymore!" After Michael Hörnlimann read this message from his colleague, he started to look into the topic of custom fields in WordPress. Why he too would no longer do without it today and what possibilities custom fields and the pluginAdvanced Custom Fields offer, Michael shows you in his article.

typical freelancer mistakes

Common Freelancer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

More freedom means more responsibility. And as a freelancer you are of course very, very free... But there are a number of stress factors that don't have to be, such as an ill-conceived customer acquisition, too low hourly rates and more. Jan Tißler from UPLOAD magazine reports on his experience as a freelancer and reveals typical freelancer mistakes that make your life more stressful than it should be.

cookie banner as conversion killer

Conversion Killer: Privacy Policy – and Why We Still Stick to It

GDPR, e-privacy regulation, cookie banner obligation... There have been more fun times for website operators. If you're serious about complying with the law like we are, you have a lot of work to do. You also have to keep yourself informed about new developments. The most critical point: your conversion suffers and you gain fewer customers. Why we still want to be a role model when it comes to data protection and what direct effects the implementation has had, you can find out here.

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Q&A about the new block directory
In future, there will be a block directory in Gutenberg with which you can search for Gutenberg blocks from the editor and install and use them directly. The Block Directory Team will reveal the current status of the project and what the new directory will look like in a live Q&A with Gutenberg Times.

These are the new features of Gutenberg 6.4
One of the highlights of the new Gutenberg update is the possibility to round off the corners of inserted pictures ("circle crop"). In addition, the writing flow has been improved by the fact that text lines slide upwards when you approach the lower edge of the screen while writing ("typewriter experience"). All other new features can be found here.

Neuronto translates your WP-site with DeepL
The WP-plugin Neuronto translates your WP- with DeepL-API to translate your website content into up to eight languages. By using AI, the plugin even learns which words you often correct and which terms you favour when given a choice of several translation options. More info is available from t3n.

Instruction: Display update date
Jonas Tietgen from WP Ninjas explains why it is important that your posts not only show the date of publication, but also the date of the last update. He also has a tutorial on how you can display the update date with an appropriate plugin to implement the update date.


What 15 companies say about business growth
The colleagues from Elementor asked 15 successful entrepreneurs and marketing managers what the biggest growth factor was for their business and what hurdles and learnings there were on the way to success. In addition to the Insights from the article there is an e-book with further tips from the experts available for download.

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