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WP-News: Gutenberg convinces skeptics & SEO audit of your website in 8 steps

On this autumnal morning there is of course the latest WP news for you: The Gutenberg editor convinces the first skeptics, Matt Mullenweg faces critical questions and a case study gives insights into successful content marketing for "unsexy" products. In addition, we show you how to properly perform an SEO audit and have productivity hacks in store for you.

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In 8 steps to the SEO audit - instructions for website operators

An SEO audit is the ultimate test of your website to assess the current level of search engine optimization and technical optimization. Roughly speaking, all OnPage and OffPage factors of your website or online shop are scrutinized down to the smallest detail. SEO expert Dominik Stein, who regularly carries out audits for his clients, shows you step by step how to check the status quo of your search engine optimization yourself. check the status quo of your search engine optimization yourself.

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Onboarding: Pick up your new customers optimally in 5 steps

Onboarding is where you systematically integrate your new customers into your workflow and pave the way for effective collaboration. As such, it plays an important role in the sales process and you create a seamless experience - from the first point of contact to the follow-up. After all, the real potential lies in lasting customer relationships that are built on mutual trust. Viktor Fink from the agency bitseven reveals how in 5 steps inspire your new customers for you.

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Productivity hacks: Get more done with less stress

There are people who tirelessly and unstoppably complete one task after another. Their days seem to have considerably more than 24 hours. Have they sold their souls in a deal with the devil? Or do they simply know something I don't? Jan Tissler from UPLOAD Magazine is dedicated to the topic of "Productivity (lack)" and has valuable tips on how you can manage to work more productively.


Don't hate Gutenberg!
Matt Medeiros - known from his podcast Matt Report - gives in his video tutorial six good reasons why you should stop hating Gutenberg . Although he was a critic of the new WP editor himself in the beginning, he now has convincing pro-arguments and some tips ready. At Gutenberg Times you can find the video plus transcript.

On Monopolies & Power in Open Source Communities
Matt MullenwegCEO of Automattic - the company behind WordPress .com - faces critical questions from David Heinemeier Hansson - author of the Ruby on Rails framework - in an hour-long podcast. The conversation is in response to a snarky tweet from Heinemeier Hansson On Mullenweg's future plans for WordPress . You can read the entire conversation here here.

Online Marketing

Case Study: Blog Traffic Increased by 650
The content manager of a motor oil shop describes the concrete measures she and her team took to increase the traffic of the company blog by 650% in just two years - despite the "unsexy" product. The interesting case study, including practical tips, can be found on the Moz blog.

SEO works without expensive tools!
The well-known online marketer Neil Patel has compiled a list of free SEO tools for keyword research, content marketing, rank tracking, link building and technical SEO. While some are more geared towards English-language content,. many of the tools can also be used across languages.


Create your own brand!
As an entrepreneur or freelancer, you are often concerned with where and how you win customers and convince them of your merits. But the basis of your success starts earlier: with your brand identity and positioning. Marketing expert Andreas Lutz reveals to you step by step how you can successfully differentiates itself from the competition

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