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WP News: Chrome blocks mixed content & the disadvantages of page builders

What's new in the WP world? The major update to WordPress 5.3 is in the starting blocks, the theme review team discusses preferred themes, new procedures for mixed content errors in Chrome and we take a look at how green WordPress actually is. We also take a critical look at WordPress Page Builder and have tips for self-employment in store.

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Page builders - a blessing or a curse for the WordPress world?

Page Builders are hard to imagine the WordPress universe without. In the feature arms race of WordPress theme providers, the use of a page builder is almost considered an absolute standard. WP-Feelancer Pascal Prohl is ambivalent about the use of such helpers: "In the course of my work, I was not only able to put some of the most popular page builders through their paces, but also had to solve some problems with customers in this regard." Read more

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Is There a Sustainable Internet? How "Green" is WordPress?

At present, hardly any online company can avoid the topic of sustainability. We at Raidboxes have also been concerned with green hosting and sustainable business management from the very beginning. Because "the internet", WordPress and the hosting of (WordPress) websites consume a lot of energy. How ecological can the web be? And are sustainable approaches authentic? We give an overview of the current discussion.

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Start Your Own Business – 5 Phases to Independence

The path to self-employment is not as complicated as most people think. On the one hand, you need to know what business idea you want to start with and, on the other hand, what steps you need to go through. If you are thinking about setting up your own online business: Sven Scheuerle shows you what he considers to be the five most important phases on the path to self-employment.


WordPress 5.3 coming in November
The next big update to WordPress 5.3 is getting closer. This week the second release candidate came out. The core team calls for testing the new WP version (but not on your livesite!). If you found a bug, you can report it in the support forum. The release of WP 5.3 is scheduled for November 12, 2019.

Which themes are "featured"?
Which themes are "featured" on WordPress.org has been a point of discussion for quite some time. Since the old system was increasingly exploited for commercial interests, randomly selected themes have been displayed there for some time. To what extent the theme review team wants to change the selection in the future, you can read here.


Sustainability: What can companies do?
More and more freelancers and agencies want to work sustainably. But what does that actually mean? And which measures are best suited? Stephie Keilholz and Philipp Stakenborg from the agency Das Gute Ruft revealed their corporate philosophy and practical tips for more sustainability in an interview.

This is how the fines for GDPR violations are calculated
In a post on Facebook, attorney Dr. Thomas Schwenke explains the fine concept for violations of the GDPR, which the German data protection supervisory authorities published in mid-October. You can also view the fine concept of the data protection conference here.


Chrome will block mixed content
Google has announced that Chrome will completely block mixed content in the future. This means that the browser will no longer load resources on HTTPS pages that are only available via HTTP. You can read the exact schedule for the changeover on the Google Security Blog.

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