WP-News: Getting this high GDPR fines & the future of web designers

Leefke Krönke Last updated 10/23/2020
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Last updated 10/23/2020

After the three-week break, we have all the more news for you today: WordPress 5.3 is here, Matt Mullenweg gives his annual SOTW speech, and WordCamp Stuttgart comes up with diversity and sustainability. We also take a look at the job outlook for web designers and explain how GDPR finesare calculated.. And we have a new RB feature in the bag, which many WPML users have been waiting for a long time.✌️

WP-News: Getting this high GDPR fines & the future of web designers

- That's how many posts have been written so far using the Gutenberg editor, according to Matt Mullenweg.

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Will Web Designers Still be Needed in the Future?

Which web designer does not know the sinking, slightly helpless feeling when you stumble across ads á la Your own website - make it yourself for free and fast! It makes you quickly ask yourself "Is my profession dying out?" or "Will I even be needed in the future?" Sonja Hoffmann - a web and UX designer herself - got to the bottom of these questions. She describes her findings in this article.

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What fines do you face for GDPR violations?

It is generally known that penalties of up to 10 million euros or two percent of the annual turnover achieved worldwide can be imposed for GDPR violations. In the case of more serious violations, the penalty can even be double that amount. Until now, it was unclear how high the penalties would be in reality. Now the Data Protection Conference (DSK) has published a concept for the calculation of fines. How this calculation is made up is explained by lawyer Mario Steinberg in our blog.

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WordCamp Stuttgart: Sustainable, diverse and full of inspiration

The WordCamp Stuttgart 2019 was a complete success: With great sessions, goal-oriented discussions and a sustainable agenda. This makes the #WCSTG a real pioneer in terms of "green" camp. RAIDBOXES was present as a gold sponsor on all conference days. We reveal our personal impression of the camp with the topics WordPress , support, legal security and social responsibility in our recap.


WordPress 5.3 aka "Kirk" is here
A new major WP update has been available since November 12. Among other things, WordPress 5.3 is dedicated to accessibility, improves the design options in the block editor and brings the new "Twenty Twenty" Theme . As with all major updates, we roll out WP 5.3 automatically after 14 days on all BOXES (without fixed WP version). Of course, you can manually update to the latest version right now.

Mullenway's "State of the Word 2019"
If you use WordPress for a living, you should know roughly what's being worked on with the software right now and what big changes are planned for the future. An ideal resource to find out is WP co-founder Matt Mullenweg's annual "State of the Word" keynote. You can find a video of the entire speech here.

Online Marketing

Hello, BERT! What does the new Google update change?
Saying that it is the biggest update in the last five years and will affect one in ten searches, Google has announced "BERT". BERT is what is known as a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model. The update is intended to help Google better understand language to produce more relevant search results. More info on this can be found here.

Being human in times of digital dehumanization
"Marketing is a newer word for propaganda. So how can I make sure that in this insanely fast-paced, digital age, I'm not 'accidentally' propagandizing for things that go against everything I believe in?" - This question and more is addressed by Caspar Hübinger in his WordCamp talk, which is quite thought-provoking.

RB features

WPML Multidomain: Bye bye language tag!
In our latest feature we have jumped on the topic of "internationalization" and finally integrated WPML-Multidomain. In just a few steps you can now convert your BOX into a multidomainBOX and assign each language of your site its own domain.


Requirements for international online trade
In e-commerce, special tax guidelines and obligations apply to cross-border shipping. So if you sell goods abroad (in the EU) with your online shop, you should know and comply with these regulations. We show you what you need to bear in mind and what will change in this regard in the future.

WooCommerce Themes : 7 tips for more sales & usability
A good web design is enormously important for WooCommerce . It decides whether your visitors stay in the online shop. And whether they actually complete the purchase. What do you have to pay attention to when choosing your WooCommerce-Themes ? And what are the most important Themes? Our guide has the Answers for you.

As Head of Content Marketing, Leefke always has the RAIDBOXES magazine "wp unboxed", the newsletter & the social media channels in her sights. That's why she always knows the latest developments in the WP community. Unfortunately she is rarely to be found in Münster nowadays. But Hamburg is said to be rather nice too.

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