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WP News: Performance boost through lean code & the CMS market in focus

After the Black Friday weekend, it's time again for the latest WP news: A well-known pluginis causing displeasure with an advertising campaign, Gutenberg 7.0 has arrived and WordPress continues to expand its market share. We also have information on PSD2 and WooCommerce and show you how to reduce the code of your site. You'll also learn how to create a child theme and build a content strategy. Have fun reading! ?

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Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript: This is How it Works in WordPress

Unorganized, uncompressed code makes your WordPress website slow - especially if you use multiple scripts and stylesheets. For better performance, you should reduce your files to the absolute minimum. Our author Sven Scheuerle shows you how to reduce your code snippets and introduces you to 5 popular Minify-Plugins that live up to their reputation.

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6 simple ways to reduce your bounce rate

How many visitors leave your website within seconds without interacting? This question can be answered relatively easily with a look at the bounce rate. However, it is more difficult to judge when a bounce rate is good, average or even worrying. Viktor Fink from bitseven provides you with the answers - and tells you the best strategies to keep visitors on your website.

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Why You Need a Strong Content Strategy and How to Draw One Up

In practice, freelancers, companies and agencies make content decisions largely on gut instinct. But generating qualified leads is not that easy. That's why it's so important to think carefully about what content you offer your potential customers, when and how. Jan Tissler gives you valuable tips on how to build a sensible, long-term content strategy and follow it in a straightforward manner.


Twenty Twenty - The new standardtheme
In her new blog post Ellen Bauer from Elmastudio gives an introduction to the new standard WP-theme, which came out together with WordPress 5.3. Twenty Twenty is based on the theme Chaplin by Anders Norén and is completely Gutenberg-compatible. What strengths and weaknesses the theme brings with it, you can read here.

Failed promotion by Yoast
The creators of the SEO plugin Yoast took a lot of criticism last week. The reason was an animated Black Friday banner that was served to millions of pages in the WordPress admin area. Yoast CEO Marieke van de Rakt responded to the user complaints with a plugin update and an apology on Twitter.

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How To: How to create your own childtheme
Complex customizing is only for experienced developers? No way! With child themes WordPress offers you even as a beginner the possibility to customize your theme exactly according to your needs. WP freelancer Pascal Prohl guides you in a few steps to your own Child-theme and summarizes the most important benefits

Accessible websites explained simply
Unfortunately, accessibility is often forgotten or neglected when building websites. You probably don't even realize what potential limitations your site visitors might have. To close this knowledge gap, Phillip Roth shows you in a clear way what constitutes an accessible website.


PSD2 & WooCommerce: What you need to know as a store owner
With the "Second European Payment Directive" - PSD2 for short - new payment rules apply that are intended to make online shopping more secure for customers through authentication. Our WooCommerce expert Michael shows you the most important measures and plugins to make your store PSD2 compliant.

Can Shopify catch up with WooCommerce ?
Yoast founder Joost de Valk has taken a closer look at the CMS market. In his analysis, he not only uses data from W3Tech to look at how WordPress and Co. have developed in recent years, but also gives a forecast for the future. Joost also has an interesting prediction for WooCommerce and Shopify.

5 strategies against digital burnout
"Anyone who sends out messages must monitor reactions. You can't automate that to the maximum; it just always requires people." - The resulting pressure to always be available can have a negative impact on your health. Find out how you can reduce the risk of "digital burnout" here.

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