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WP News: We look ahead to 2019 & have a new e-book on the way

Just before the holidays, here's the last WP news of 2019 for you: WordPress gets two minor updates and the Gutenberg editor celebrates its first birthday. We also take a look at Canonical Tags and the 50 best website designs of the year. And because Christmas is just around the corner, we not only have a new e-book for you, but also two brand new RB features. Have fun reading! ?

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Our review of 2019 - and what awaits us in 2020

Moving forward with growth and sustainability: 2019 was an exciting year for us. Thanks to our capital increase, we were able to expand the Raidboxes team by eleven great employees, really step on the gas in product development and implement climate-positive WordPress hosting with Eden Reforestation Projects. Take a look back with us at the highlights of this year and find out what innovations you can look forward to in 2020.

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eCommerce – Is Your Agency Ready for It?

Online trade is booming. Small to medium-sized shops - and their agencies or freelancers - are also benefiting from this. But you can't implement a future-proof webshop "on the side". Are you wondering what knowledge you need for this? Our shop expert Michael gives you an overview of what you need to consider when setting up, maintaining and servicing your shop, in which areas you need expertise and how you can find your strengths.

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E-book: These are the advantages of managed WP hosting

How often have you racked your brains over the next updates, possible security risks and the performance of your website? What if such central tasks run automatically in the background? Managed WordPress hosting frees you up to focus on your core business. Read our new e-book to find out the 13 most important benefits for your business. Download it here and see for yourself! ?


Happy Birthday, Gutenberg!
One year ago - in December 2018 - WordPress 5.0 with the new Gutenberg editor was released. Since then, the project has evolved nicely and the initial fierce headwind has died down a bit. Chris Hughes reviews the first Gutenberg year in the WP Tavern and ventures a look into the future.

Maintenance Update for WordPress
Shortly after the minor update to WordPress 5.3.1, WordPress 5.3.2 has been released this week. The maintenance update brings five important fixes and improvements to the WordPress core. As always, as a Raidboxes customer you don't need to take action, we have already rolled out the update to all Boxes .

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The 50 Best Websites in 2019
The colleagues at Webdesigner Depot have compiled their "Top 50" best websites of 2019. The websites were chosen because they either have a unique approach or have successfully implemented a certain design trend. Go to the list here.

How to use rel=canonical correctly
What exactly is the "Canonical Tag" and why does it make sense to use it on your website? And what mistakes should you avoid at all costs? In their detailed article on this important topic, the Yoast colleagues haveanswers to these and other questions.

New features

Caching rules to make uncachable content cachable
With the RB Pro Cache you can define your own caching rules for our server cache. This way you can make uncachable content cachable and systematically exclude other content from caching. You can find more information here.

New server monitoring at Raidboxes
Shortly before Christmas, another feature goes online: the BOX status. Where you previously only had the logs of your Boxesavailable for analysis, you now have a powerful tool with which you can monitor server load and RAM consumption. very precisely. This not only makes troubleshooting easier, but also saves you valuable time and nerves.

Images: Jessica Lewis, CoWoman, Gifttpundits, Michael Mücke

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