WordPress News: Google's WordPress Plugin "Site Kit" & Our Brand New Magazine

Leefke Krönke Last updated 10/23/2020
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Last updated 10/23/2020

The WP-News are back! Yes, the break has admittedly taken a little longer than planned. But not without reason. Because our old, slightly dusty blog has now become our brand new magazine wp unboxed has become our brand new magazine. We hope you like the new look! Nothing will change in WP-News, we will of course continue to provide you with insights and interesting facts about WordPress . Have fun reading! 😊

WordPress News: Google's WordPress Plugin "Site Kit" & Our Brand New Magazine

- This is the current market share of WordPress . That is a whole 3 percent more than a year ago.

WordPress News: Google's WordPress Plugin "Site Kit" & Our Brand New Magazine

SEO Guide 2020: YMYL, EAT, BERT, Structured Data and morer

Search engine optimization is constantly changing. You want to achieve good positions in the organic search results for your SEO 2020? Then now is the best time to determine the SEO strategy for it. How do you optimize your website for Google & Co. And which trends can you adapt to? Learn more

Auto updates WordPress plugins

Carefree with Plugin auto-updates?
The automatic updates for minor versions of WordPress have proven themselves for years. But does it also work with Plugins? WP developer Florian Simeth investigated this question for you.

Web Design Trends 2020

Web design trends 2020: This is what we can expect
Which aesthetics will we have to say goodbye to in the future? And which trends will dominate the design world in 2020? Web designer Sonja Hoffmann has her take for you.

Google Site Kit Plugin WordPress

Official Google-Plugin for WordPress With Google's official Plugin "Site Kit" you can get Google services directly into your WP dashboard with just a few clicks. We show you how to set up Site Kit and get a clear representation of your data.


Gutenberg 7.3 brings performance boost
With each new release, the performance of posts with many words and blocks is measured: Gutenberg 7.3 improves the loading time from 6.431 to 4.55 seconds. In addition, the update brings other promising innovations to the editor.

Why accessibility is important in WordPress
Rian Rietveld has been leading the WP Accessibility team for a long time. In an interview with Simon Kraft, she talks honestly about her initial motivation and explains simple measures that you can already implement during content creation.


More sales and conversions in your online shop
There are several levers for optimizing your shop. From the right growth strategy to measuring success and increasing performance. E-commerce expert Franz Sauerstein reveals the most important tips.

Online Marketing

Important change for feature snippets
At the end of January, Google announced that from now on, search results that make it into the highly coveted Feature Snippet will not be displayed again in the organic top positions. You can readmore about this here.

3 tips against comment spam
To increase engagement, you should allow readers to comment on your posts. Unfortunately, opening the comment section can be an invitation for spammers. You can prevent spamwith these tips.

What is a content hub?
As useful as social networks are for communication and marketing: You shouldn't rely on them alone. That's why Jan Tissler from UPLOAD Magazine introduces you to the Content Hub model: a one-stop shop for all your content.

As Head of Content Marketing, Leefke always has the RAIDBOXES magazine "wp unboxed", the newsletter & the social media channels in her sights. That's why she always knows the latest developments in the WP community. Unfortunately she is rarely to be found in Münster nowadays. But Hamburg is said to be rather nice too.

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