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Torben Simon Meier Last updated 10/23/2020
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Create your own blog with WordPress
Last updated 10/23/2020

Then you've come to the right place. This guide takes you through the seven most important steps of blog building. So that you can not only go online quickly and easily, but also have a unique blog concept at hand.

Step 1: Finding a topic

To be able to create your own blog, with which you can possibly earn money, you first need a topic. Your goal should be to occupy a topic niche in which you can quickly achieve the reputation of an expert. Because the opinion of experts is heard and respected.

You should also think about the type of content you want to publish. Photo or video blogs place completely different demands on the design, functions and technology of a website than classic text-based blog formats.

Left: - A blog from the light source manufacturer Osram specifically on the subject of automotive lighting. - Mark Maslow writes fitness insider knowledge, one stop shop that works. - One of the most successful German-language blogs on blogging business.

Step 2: Blogging Software

Once your own blog has a theme, you can start choosing blogging software. With this program you design your website, determine which features your blog will have and write and publish your content.

Some services like Tumblr or Blogger are very easy to use, but severely limit you in your design options. We recommend at this point WordPress , a modern and free content management system that is maintained and developed by a worldwide community. WordPress is an open source program. This means that the software is not only free, but also offers you the possibility to adapt it to all your needs.

You can install WordPress in as little as 5 minutes. Many hosting providers also offer a one-click installation, which allows you to create your own WordPress blog in just a few seconds!


Set upWordPress - Here you can find out WordPress and install the software on your computer.
UnderstandWordPress - Extensive information about how WordPress works.
1-Click Installations - So you can create your own blog with just a single click.

Step 3: Hosting

Once you've chosen your blogging software, it's time to choose your hosting. Hosting providers are mainly responsible for two things on the Internet: Firstly, they provide you with the storage space for your website - you can't go online without it. Secondly, host ensures that your blog is fast and protected from attacks.

Besides the storage space of your site you need a domain - your internet address - and in most cases also a mail address.

When it comes to hosting, you can distinguish between standard and special hosters. Standard host offer web space for every purpose and every blogging software. Special host , on the other hand, have specialized in a content management system and offer, in addition to the actual hosting, usually a specialized support and an optimized infrastructure.

The hosting market in Germany can be very confusing. Here you get an overview of some providers and their services.

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Step 4: Blog design

After you have chosen a theme, software and host , you can create a design for your own blog.

In WordPress you choose a so-called Theme , a graphic interface that determines the design of your blog and some basic functions. Just like WordPress itself, many of these design templates are free.

You simply choose the right design in the WordPress dashboard and install it with one click. Themes is available for a wide range of applications, such as real estate websites, photo blogs, lawyer sites and many more.


WordPress - findThemes - Here you will learn how to find the right design for your blog.
WordPress -Themes install - This is how easy it is to install the Theme design templates in your WordPress .
WordPress -Theme Tests - The colleagues of e.g. Dr. Web have their own Theme category.

Step 5: Blog functions

But if you want to write your own blog, you don't just need a design and the technical basics, you also need a website with all the important features for publishing content smoothly.

Thanks to its open source concept, WordPress has an almost endless number of additional functions: From the map tool to the comment column to the online shop system, almost every function can be retrofitted.

At WordPress this works via the so-called Plugins. These are as easy to find and install as the design templates. With one and the same system you can create a shop, write a personal blog or build a website for your studio or business.


WordPress - FindPlugins - Here you will find all the Plugins you need to write a blog.
Important-Plugins for beginners - You should know this Plugins as a WordPress beginner.
WordPress -Plugin tests - Pay attention to the testimonials of other users when choosing.

Step 6: Content strategy

Now you have a theme, a domain, webspace and a WordPress site with a finished design and many functions. So you can start writing content.

The goal should be to make your own blog as attractive and unique as possible. Pay particular attention to your writing style and to regularly publish new content. The more authentic and useful your writing, the more readers you will attract. Reliable sources of information with expert status are gladly recommended.

For ambitious blog projects you should organize your ideas in a topic and editorial plan. You systematically collect topic suggestions in one list and organize finished blog posts with publication date etc. in another. Supporting measures such as social media or ads can also be planned and coordinated in this way.


Create a topic plan - Here you will learn how to create an initial topic plan and organize your ideas.
Create an editorial plan - This will help you keep track of your publications and accompanying measures.
Writing correctly - Writing a blog requires a few special tricks. Here you will learn how to write fascinating online content.

Step 7: Keep at it!

But after the planning phase, the work really starts! You have to make sure that you regularly publish interesting content and attract readers. Because users won't find your blog on their own. They have to be able to find your blog - search engine optimization is the magic word. And they have to want to come back. 

You can only achieve this through interesting and well-written content. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are important tools to promote your blog, get in touch with opinion leaders and advertise your blog.

And also the technology must be maintained: Always keep WordPress , your Themes and Plugins up to date and give your design a facelift from time to time. This way you offer your readers an attractive experience in the long term - and they will be happy to come back again and again.

So creating your own blog is not a science. If you keep at it, provide attractive content and performant technology, the most important basics are already created.

We could inspire you? Then start now and develop your WordPress site for 14 days free of charge at RAIDBOXES. Your own blog is just a few clicks away!

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