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The Six Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics is one of the most popular and well-known analytics tools. But does that mean that the tool is also the best? In this article, we present the six best Google Analytics alternatives.

Website operators have access to numerous functions with Google Analytics . Among the most important are the recording of all visitor numbers, the bounce rate, the dwell time and the country of origin. For website operators it is clear that without concrete statistics it is hardly possible to find out which posts is popular with visitors and where improvements are needed. 


Any analysis tools you plan to use should be reviewed in advance with an appropriate Internet law firm to ensure they are GDPR compliant. This applies to any tool report and all comparisons that have anything to do with data processing.

But not only the analysis tool from Google enables these statistics. There are also other arguments for looking for an alternative to Google Analytics. On the one hand, many users are bothered by the delayed display of some statistics. Especially for inexperienced people, the extensive functions can be overwhelming. Those who are not familiar with Google Analytics quickly lose the overview.

The premium version of Google Analytics 360 is especially suitable for large companies. The paid version comes with advanced customization features, scalable tools and support. However, Google Analytics 360 is usually not worth it for small and medium-sized companies.

The best Google Analytics alternatives 

Even though Google Analytics is one of the best-known and most popular analytics tools, this does not automatically mean that it is the best solution for all types of websites and companies. In the following, we will introduce you to the six best Google Analytics alternatives.

1. Matomo

Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, is one of the most popular Google Analytics alternatives. Matomo is an open source software that can be downloaded free of charge. This is exactly the big advantage over Google Analytics. Website operators store all data on their own servers. By hosting the data independently, website operators have full control over all data. At the same time, this is advantageous in terms of data protection.

Google Analytics Alternatives Matomo
Matomo Analytics

The functions of Matomo are comparable to those of Google Analytics. In the basic function, some important points are missing, such as the fact that there is no import function for reports. However, since it is an open source software, most of the missing features of the basic function can be easily extended with plugins. 

Similar to Google Analytics, website operators must include a Matomo tracking code on the website for the tracking to work. Overall, the configuration of Matomo is complex. Especially for inexperienced website operators, this means that they have to expect a longer learning curve.

2. Open web analytics

Another open source software and Google Analytics alternative is Open Web Analytics. Those who already have experience with Google Analytics have a clear advantage with this analysis tool: The structure, the functions and the design are very similar. The tool is completely free to use and convinces with several functions. Among them is the heatmap function, which allows website operators to see how the website visitors reacts to the design and structure of the website.

Google Analytics Alternatives Open web analysis
Open Web Analytics

In addition, as with Matomo, all data is stored on the company's own servers. Users also have full control over all data with Open Web Analytics. Since the community of Open Web Analytics is very small compared to others, you are usually on your own in case of problems. The further development of Open Web Analytics is also a bit slower. This can be seen, among other things, in the fact that new updates are rarely available to users.

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3. etracker

If it is of importance to you that the provider of the Google Analytics alternative comes from Germany, you should take a closer look at etracker. 

The basic version for nine Euros per month includes, among other things, the basic functions of live tracking and click path analysis. The Pro version can be booked for 19 Euros per month and includes additional e-commerce reports. The Enterprise version costs 99 Euros per month. Users have access to all the functions of the pro version plus a report builder, app tracking and other functions.

Google Analytics Alternatives Etracker
eTracker analysis tool

The server locations are exclusively in Germany. According to the provider's own information, this means that it is completely compliant with data protection laws. The Google Analytics alternative etracker is also well suited for inexperienced users, as the interface is clear and created to be used intuitively.

4. Adobe Analytics

With Adobe Analytics, the US company also offers an interesting Google Analytics alternative. The numerous analysis options make the tool the alternative with the largest number of functions. In addition to website analysis, Adobe Analytics also gives website operators access to social analytics, campaign management and content management.

Unlike Google Analytics, however, the design of Adobe Analytics is not complicated, but intuitive and clearly structured. In addition, the display can be customized. Adobe's analytics tool is available for a fee. On Adobe's website, website operators have the option of requesting a demo. However, Adobe will only disclose the cost of the tool upon request.

5. Clicky

Clicky is a free Google Analytics alternative. However, the free version is only suitable for small websites, as the analysis and tracking function is limited to 3,000 page views per day. However, Clicky's Dashboard can be customized and adjusted. 

Google Analytics Alternatives Clicky
Clicky Website Analysis

In the free version, Clicky is very clear, as the most important information, including real-time data, is available at a glance. Small websites therefore have the possibility to analyze their data in an uncomplicated way. For larger websites, however, it is necessary to choose a paid plan with Clicky. This then also includes further functions, including the heatmap function, split tests or even data export.

6. econda

The Google Analytics alternative specializes in e-commerce. So if you are looking for an analysis tool for your own online store, you should take a closer look at econda. econda is a German provider with server locations in Germany. For those who place a particularly high value on data protection, the tool is a good alternative.

The econda analysis tool is particularly convincing with its data-driven e-commerce and content suite. With the help of the data, online store operators should be able to make more sales and use resources efficiently. However, the tool is not available free of charge. The exact costs can only be found out on request from econda.

When does the use of a Google Analytics alternative make sense?

Google Analytics is not without reason one of the most popular analysis tools. Its many functions deliver what they promise, website operators can analyze where improvements are needed on their website and it is free to use. 

However, one of the biggest disadvantages of the tool is that all data is stored directly on the company's servers. Website visitors thus agree to the cookies, the software then transmits the user information directly to Google. 

The server locations are in the USA and are therefore not subject to the strict data protection rules from Germany. This is also the reason why the GDPR-compliant use of Google Analytics is becoming increasingly difficult. The forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation, which is not due to come into force until 2023 at the earliest, is also making the use of Google Analytics more cumbersome.

Conclusion: Google Analytics alternatives make sense depending on the website

Many website operators use Google Analytics as an analysis tool right from the start because it is a free software. However, only very few website operators take into account that the many functions are overwhelming and often do not lead to the desired business success. For small websites, another free analysis tool such as Clicky is clearer and easier to use.

Large websites and experienced website operators have the chance to use many extensive functions with some Google Analytics alternatives and at the same time meet the high demands of the General Data Protection Regulation. Alternatives such as Matomo or Open Web Analytics make it possible to store all data on their own servers and thus avoid forwarding personal data to Google.

Those who run an online store often need more specific data and information in order to make adjustments and improvements. The econda analysis tool helps to make more sales and use resources more efficiently.

Those who run a smaller WordPress website also have the option to get the necessary statistics with the help of plugins, such as Statify. The installation and setup is done quickly and the statistics are clearly arranged. Especially for inexperienced website operators, the plugin can be a good Google Analytics alternative to make first experiences with website statistics.

Your questions and answers about Google Analytics alternatives

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  1. I appreciate the thorough list of Google Analytics alternatives you’ve shared! However, I’d like to mention Scoby Analytics, a tool I’ve developed and deeply believe in. Scoby Analytics distinctively offers:

    – Privacy First: Designed to operate without consent-requiring technologies, Scoby ensures no personally identifiable information is compromised, aligning seamlessly with GDPR, ePrivacy, and Schrems II standards. This makes it an ideal, consent-free solution for rigorous privacy compliance.

    – Effortless Installation: Our WordPress plugin can be set up in just about a minute, with no coding needed. It’s a perfect fit for WordPress users seeking a straightforward analytics tool that doesn’t affect browser performance or Core Web Vitals.

    – Simple yet Insightful: Scoby Analytics is user-friendly but doesn’t skimp on providing deep insights. It’s an effective tool for websites of all sizes, offering clarity and depth in data analysis.

    For users of services like Raidboxes, who prioritize streamlined and privacy-respecting analytics, Scoby Analytics is a highly compatible choice.

    Full disclosure: As the creator of Scoby Analytics, my perspective is naturally biased, but my belief in its value, especially for those prioritizing privacy, is sincere and steadfast.

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