all new features of the second beta update of the new wordpress editor gutenberg

Gutenberg 0.3.0: More flow, small fixes, not a big hit for the end user

Now it seems to go one after the other: On Friday, the second beta update for the new WordPress editor Gutenberg was released. It brings some useful innovations for authors and, of course, fixes bugs. However, the update is not yet a great success. We give you an overview of the most important features.

Gutenberg 0.3.0 is an author-centred update. In addition to code hygiene and bug fixes, the new beta version is characterised by improvements to the block system. Problems for publishers, such as the lack of plugin-specific options, have not yet been resolved. Gutenberg remains unsuitable for day-to-day business in our opinion. The workflow, however, has become even better.

The most important innovations of the update at a glance:

Authoring functions - Even more flow

In particular, working with the block system of Gutenberg has been improved by the update. The blocks are now better ordered, can be configured more finely and can be used more quickly.

  • Quick Inserts for pictures and text: Already in version 0.2.0 the block selection menu was quite confusing. The probably most important blocks - those for text and images - have now been removed from it and can be found directly in a new quick selection.
the new quick select in the gutenberg editor for wordpress
If you hover over the plus sign, you will now find the text and image block in a new quick selection in Gutenberg .
  • Block overview tidied up: The block selection menu has also been tidied up and reorganised. A distinction is made between recently used blocks, standard blocks and embed blocks. The search function has now been given a corresponding placeholder.
New quick select in the gutenberg editor of wordpress
We are curious to see how many more block categories will be added. However, the new order is positive in any case.
  • Overview improved, thanks to placeholder texts: Some blocks have now been given placeholder texts, which makes it easier to keep track of the types of blocks used.
  • New image options button: All properties of an image can now be edited via the pencil icon, just as in the old editor. The options bar on the right site , however, has not been extended with new functions.
  • Crop option for galleries: The images in a gallery are now automatically scaled so that the image collection looks more consistent.
picture galleries in the gutenberg editor for wordpress with and without crop
A picture gallery with and without crop in comparison.
  • Recent Posts block: In the Recent Posts block, the publication date of the posts can now be displayed and the number of posts displayed can be changed.
  • Title pictures: There have been some changes in the title pictures. They can now be dimmed for more contrast and the text on them can be formatted sensibly.
title images can now be dimmed and the text edited better. in the new gutenberg wordpress editor
The changes to the article images have improved the readability of the title texts in particular.
  • Block selection improved: To select several blocks, the user must now move the cursor at least 25 pixels into the respective block. This makes the selection less error-prone.

Publishing functions - actually no progress

Little has changed in the publishing functions in this second beta update. But there is now a notification framework that enables editor hints. While the notices improve communication between the author and the WordPress installation, important functions such as plugin-specific information and settings are still missing.

Under the bonnet - More order, some fixes

In preparation for the core merge of Gutenberg , a lot will happen here in the coming updates. Particularly important is compliance with the coding guidelines and the compatibility of Gutenberg with other plug-ins and themes.

  • Code hygiene: Some work has been done on the Code hygiene has been done. Among other things, this should ensure the compatibility of Gutenberg with more themes.
  • Fixes: A number of bugs have been fixed, including missing or disappearing toolbars and block options.
  • Improvement of accessibility: The meta information of blocks is now excluded for output with screen readers.

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