Update Notice for WordPress 4.9.8 – You Can Now Test the Gutenberg Editor Safely

Jan Hornung Last updated 24.01.2020
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Testing the WordPress Gutenberg update safely

Besides the obligatory security and bug fixes, the new WordPress version 4.9.8 includes a built-in Gutenberg demo. The perfect opportunity to test the new editor in detail before the release in WP 5.0. And you should definitely do that, because the Gutenberg Editor will become standard in WordPress.

The latest WordPress update includes 18 security fixes, which are mainly related to data protection, as well as a request to test the new Gutenberg editor. As always, you can read the entire change log directly at wordpress.org directly.

The next time you want to get into your WordPress dashboard, you will see the following menu in your admin overview. Here you can decide if you want to use the new WordPress editor now, or if you want to test the installation until WordPress 5.0 is to be moved.

This is what the "Try Gutenberg" callout looks like in the new WordPress version 4.9.8.
This is what the so-called "Try Gutenberg" callout looks like. It is displayed to all admins and asks them to test the new editor. You should do this, but of course your site will not suffer any disadvantages if you simply ignore the callout.

But don't worry: the editor is not yet mandatory. If you want, you can simply ignore this point. However, we recommend that you get to grips with the new editor now (we explain exactly how this works below). Because: Gutenberg will be the new default editor of WordPress . Be sure to check out our blog post about Gutenberg.

Option 1: Test Gutenberg

If you install theGutenberg editor, you can then use it as the editor for new posts. Posts that were originally created with the old editor will continue to be loaded via this. After the installation you will directly land in a welcome post, which you can simply save as a draft.

This is how the welcome mail from Gutenberg looks like under WordPress 4.9.8
This is what the welcome post looks like after the activation of the Gutenberg plugin. Read the post when you have time and best save it as a draft.

Option 2: The classic editor

If you install the classic editor, then the Plugin Classic Editor will be installed on your site . This will suppress the Gutenberg editor even if it is installed.

Play it safe: How to get full control over the upgrade to WP 5.0

With WordPress 5.0, the next major update, Gutenberg will become the default editor. You should therefore already familiarize yourself with the new editor. If there is no time for that, or you are unsure, you can freeze your WP version right now, suspending the next WP update. This way you ensure that your BOX will not go live without a detailed Gutenberg test.

And this is how the WP version freeze works:

  1. Select the relevant BOX
  2. Navigate to the settings
  3. Click on freeze
The "Freeze WordPress version" function in the RAIDBOXES  dashboard
If you set version fix to On, all major updates for this BOX will be suspended in the future. Smaller updates, i.e. three-digit updates, will of course still be rolled out for security reasons.

Safe testing: This is how the Gutenberg test works with RAIDBOXES

If you want to Gutenberg extensively, the best way to do this is with a DEMO BOX . Go to the backup management of your BOX. Now clone a new DEMO BOX from a backup of your choice.

On this DEMO BOX you can now activate Gutenberg , check the compatibility of your setup and of course get familiar with the new editor.

Tip: You can also test the new editor without having to create a new DEMO BOX . Go to https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/ you can test the editor in a sandbox and get familiar with the new system.

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