- WordCamp Europe 2016 Recap: Info and Content From the Community

WordCamp Europe 2016 was the biggest worldwide so far. The organization and the quality of the lectures also lived up to this claim. We have compiled an overview of the important contents.

Already at the WordCamp Nuremberg in April, the technical organization was excellent. Some of the videos of the sessions were put online on the same day. WordCamp Europe 2016 went one step further and offered a livestream of all sessions. This way, the rest of the world could follow the presentations, Q&As and discussions live and comment on them.

Instead of giving our impression of the sessions, we have put together a collection of articles, resources and opinions to give you a comprehensive impression of WordCamp Europe. We also link to all the videos, slides and background information we know about.

Do you know of content that is missing from our compilation? Just write a comment and we will add it to this overview.

Indispensable: The interview with Matt Mullenweg

The interview with Matt Mullenweg was already uploaded on the conference weekend. The Automattic CEO provides insights into his company and comments on current developments. For example, Mullenweg describes many of his current company pillars as potential billion-dollar enterprises and goes into detail about the future of WordPress as an "operating system for the open web".

The most important contents of the interview are also summarised by the colleagues from Torque. Among other things, the Americans place great emphasis on information about the current market position of WordPress. The editorial team has also posted a summary of WordCamp Europe 2016 in pictures, its own experience report and a summary of Edmund Turbin's talk on theme development for beginners online on the WP-Enginge blog.

The colleagues from WP-Tavern also took a closer look at the interview with the co-founder of WordPress.

WordCamp Europe 2016 now with its own summary

The WordCamp Europe team has created its own overview of all the materials, videos and blog posts they are aware of. Here you can find the extensive list - including photos. In addition, the organisers have linked the partly very good photos of the events on flickr.

In addition, the WordCamp team has publishedan official WordCamp Europe 2016 colouring book and several wallpapers 🙂

Field reports and opinions

As after every WordCamp, opinions and field reports from members of the community will gradually appear after WordCamp Europe. Some of them describe very personal impressions, others focus on the organization, still others on the content.

Caspar Hübinger, for example, does the latter in an article accompanying his highly acclaimed talk "Caring is the coolest thing I've ever seen anyone do". He succinctly summarizes the most important contents and also links to the video of the original lecture.

The podcast "5 Seconds of Fame" from WP-Sofa.de, in which Hans Helge Bürger, Marc Nilius and Sven Wagner describe their impressions of WordCamp Europe, is more of an entertaining intermezzo than a systematic overview.

The guys from Presswerk provide a more detailed look at the organization, the location and the sessions. In the latest edition of their podcast, they report directly from the Contributer Day of WordCamp Europe 2016.

Other bloggers, freelancers and community members have also dedicated themselves to summarising and evaluating WordCamp Europe:

Sessions of WordCamp Europe 2016 and additional material

This time, the entire WordCamp was broadcast via livestream on the internet. As far as we know, the stream ran without interruptions and in high quality. Traditionally, the sessions at WordCamps are always recorded and then published on wordpress.tv. At the moment you can find some of the sessions there, but not all of them. So be sure to check back regularly, as all the presentations should be uploaded bit by bit. The WordCamp team has already put some live recordings of the three stream tracks online. For your orientation, here is the session schedule of WordCamp Europe.

Individual lectures have already been put online with additional material, i.e. the slides or comments by the authors. Like the lecture by Morten Rand-Hendriksen on empathy and acceptance in web design. In addition to the slidedeck, the author provides a short summary of the lecture.

Jeremy Felt has published the slides for his talk "Multisite!" on his website. The presentation by Edmund Turbin, Sales Engineer at WP Engine, on "Theming in WordPress" has also already been uploaded as a slidedeck.

You can also find these lectures online:

Much will still be published

More blog posts, slidedecks and videos from WordCamp Europe should be published in the coming days. We will therefore update this blog post regularly so that as many valuable resources and opinions as possible accumulate in this post.

You still have an info, source or resource that we haven't included? No problem: just post a comment and we will add the corresponding content to the overview!

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