The Contents of WordCamp Nuremberg are Important - Even if You Weren't There.

Thanks to the intensive work of the community and many supporters, some of the content of WordCamp Nuremberg is already online within a day. That is good. And important, because you can benefit not only from the content of the lectures, but also from the spirit of WordCamp Nuremberg. This article gives you an overview of the most important content and resources.

Unfortunately, we as the Raidboxes team could not be there in person this year - we only supported WordCamp Nuremberg as a sponsor. That's a shame, but thanks to the extremely fast work of those responsible and the community, even non-participants hardly miss any of the content. Those who were not there live via Twitter can watch the sessions as videos, slidedecks and sketchnotes afterwards and follow the most important events of WordCamp Nuremberg via various blog articles.

We will continuously update the contents of this article so that, hopefully, an overview as comprehensive as possible will be compiled at the end.

Evaluated summaries and field reports

After each WordCamp, bloggers and community members write reports on their experiences. For example, Thorsten Landsiedel describes in his blog post how he experienced WordCamp Nuremberg from a distance. The view of a participant becomes very clear in Christopher Kästel's contribution, as well as in Johannes Mairhofer's résumé.

Addendum: A detailed review of the entire project, including preparation and organization, was also provided by the WordCamp Nuremberg team itself.

Some speakers have also prepared their own presentations in blog posts. For example, Caspar Hübinger at GlückPress. Michael Oeser, aka the Prince, has also made his session documents available. Included are two talks, one on "Choosing the Right Theme" and one on "Backup and Restore". Michael also provides a briefing document and a blog recommendation for theme selection.

Addendum: Finally, sponsors have also written reviews and field reports. For example, the colleagues of the Gold Sponsor WirLiebenWP.

Slidedecks, sketchnotes and impressions

Some of the WordCamp speakers publish their slidedecks in a more or less comprehensive form on speakerdeck.com. You can currently find two more comprehensive slidedecks here posts: Jessica Lyschik's talk on introversion and two slidedecks by Heiko Mamerow, among others on automation.

Addendum: Many thanks to Birgit Olzem, who not only provided her slidedeck on "WordPress as an App Framework", but also sent us more info on Global Translation Day. Here you can read more about the actions around the translation event, in which Birgit is involved as organizer and speaker.

On flickr.com you can also find the sketchnotes for individual lectures.

Of course, the participants and contributors were also busy filming and photographing. Detlef Heese, for example, documented the Contributor Day on 18 April 2016 in detail.

You should also take a look at the Wapuus from Nuremberg 🙂

Sessions as video lectures and podcasts

A large part of the lectures was filmed. The finished videos can be found here and will gradually be supplemented with further content. So it's worth checking back regularly. According to a tweet from the official WordCamp Nuremberg account, all videos have now been uploaded and only need to be released. In the next few days, all session videos will be accessible.

The colleagues from Presswerk took the WordCamp Nuremberg as an opportunity to produce a special episode on the topic of translation. Bego Mario Garde, aka @pixolin, answers the Presswerk team's questions.

Addendum: According to a tweet from the Presswerk team, they plan to gradually put all their interviews from WordCamp Nuremberg online in the coming days. So you can be curious.

The article is also interesting for all those who would like to get involved as a translator for WordPress. Because on 24 April, the first Global WordPress Translation Day will take place.

Conclusion: even retrospectively, the Twitter stream is very informative

All the content presented on this site can also be found via the Twitter stream for the hashtag of WordCamp Nuremberg #WCNBG. So even if you missed WordCamp this year, that's not a disaster. Thanks to excellent and lightning-fast editing, much of the content can already be viewed now and is therefore of benefit to the entire community.

Many thanks to all participants!

Do you know of another resource that should not be missing from this overview? Just write us a comment and we'll include the content.

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