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Jonas Tietgen is a successful blogger and online marketer with his site WP-Ninja. Now he has summarized his experiences in an WordPress e-book. Especially as a beginner you will benefit massively from Jonas' bundled knowledge. Because it allows you to go online within a few hours.

From my own experience, I know that getting started, just doing it, can be the hardest step in any endeavor. Be it starting your own blog or starting your own business. But at least as hard is not losing momentum, not letting obstacles slow you down. Overcoming hurdles takes a lot of discipline and patience. WordPress and starting your own blog can be such hurdles.

This is exactly where Jonas Tietgen's blog e-book "Blog'n'Roll" comes in: It saves especially WordPress beginners dozens of hours of research and allows you to get started directly with your own WordPress blog. From the technical basics, the choice of a hoster and the optimization of your own site , to the most important legal conditions, "Blog'n'Roll" covers everything you need to get your blog online.

The WordPress e-book at a glance

Name: Blog'n'Roll - How to make your blog dance!
Author: Jonas Tietgen, operator and founder of
Scope: 150 sites , 5 checklists and guides
Target group: WordPress -beginners
Price: 39,99 € / with RAIDBOXES 29,99 € (the discount code is at the end of the article)
Available via:

40 € for several dozen hours of research, practical guides and important background information is a fair deal.

Admittedly: The e-book seems a bit expensive at first with 40 €. Therefore, it should be said that it is explicitly aimed at WordPress beginners. If you already know what FTP and MySQL are and how to set them up, if you already have a trusted host at hand, have already dealt with online marketing and SEO and have experience in writing, then the purchase is not worth it for you.

However, if you have experience in the least of the areas just mentioned, you can access without hesitation. Because in addition to the technical basics, Jonas also explains the relevant selection criteria for host , monetization strategy and online marketing. You'll also gain insight into the basics of copywriting, legal requirements, image editing and much more. And all this in a beginner-friendly, easy to read and above all clear way.

In addition, you will receive a total of five checklists and practical guides that will help you prepare and publish blog posts, among other things. The WordPress e-book thus delivers tangible practical value - in my opinion one of the most important quality criteria for practice-oriented resources of any kind.

The breadth of topics and the high practical relevance make the blog e-book from WP Ninjas a more than fair deal for me overall.

Jonas Tietgen, successful WordPress -Coach and Blogger
Jonas is on the road as a WordPress coach and blogger.

Everything you need for your first WordPress site

Blog'n'Roll provides you with all the information you need for your first WordPress website. The first two chapters guide you through website planning and creation and go into important technical basics like FTP and MySQL. Jonas also explains how to make your site faster. And he explains, step by step, how to set up your first website with WordPress . He covers all the important areas: The installation, the initial setup, the Theme, the Plugins, backups, security and updates. All of these chapters are designed so that you can use them as a guide and have a WordPress site up and running in just over an hour.

WordPress -E-Book with valuable tips and background information on SEO

Chapters 3 and 4 then deal with the correct text layout. Jonas explains the basics of effective and search engine friendly blogging. He covers text structure, headlines, the role of high quality content and all important aspects of search engine optimization. He not only gives practical tips, but also enriches them with background knowledge. You'll learn why search engine optimization is important and how the search European market is structured.

Basics of monetization, social media and online marketing.

The blog e-book continues to explain how to write good texts and market them. Jonas gives concrete tips for monetizing your blog, social media and online marketing.

Unfortunately, these chapters are not as detailed or as much background information as the other sections of the book. Jonas limits himself to the basics here - but the most important ones. With these, you can quickly start marketing your site even as a social media and online marketing newbie.

In the chapter "Monetization" Jonas also sticks to the important basics. If you already have a mature business idea or even an elaborated business plan, you will have already thought through many aspects of the chapter.

Nevertheless, this section provides important input and thus inspiration for revising your business plan and marketing strategy.

Cover of the WP-Ninjas WordPress -E-Book
Cover of the WP-Ninjas WordPress -E-Book

The best comes at the end: Guidance on legal pitfalls

In my opinion, Jonas saved the most important chapter for the end: The legal pitfalls. Especially if you want to earn money on the Internet and with WordPress , it is immanently important that you know the legal framework. Because non-compliance can endanger your blog, your project, even your entire WordPress business.

In the last chapter of his blog e-book, Jonas covers the - in my opinion - four most important legal areas of blogging: the rights to texts, the rights to images, the imprint obligation and the privacy policy. He explains all four areas in an understandable way and links to corresponding form generators that allow you to easily and quickly generate your own imprint and privacy policy.

Final thoughts

Our conclusion: With Blog'n'Roll you save dozens of hours of research and quickly overcome a big hurdle on the way to your own WordPress blog!

Whether you want to start your own WordPress business, a personal blog or a corporate site, the WP-Ninjas WordPress e-book will save you dozens of hours of research and give you exactly the info and tools you need to get started with your blog quickly and efficiently. The work is explicitly aimed at WordPress and online marketing beginners. With Jonas' guidance, they can not only get started with their own WordPress blog in a few hours, but also receive valuable background information, practical checklists and important links to Plugins, providers and services.

Some of the recommended providers and services are affiliate partners of Jonas (among others. RAIDBOXES), but this does not detract from the overall quality of the e-book. For one thing, the links are clearly marked as affiliate links. On the other hand, the language is at no time promotional or are - for example in the hosting providers - certain providers treated disadvantageously.

All in all, "Blog'n'Roll" is a professional e-book with a high practical value, which offers especially WordPress beginners a considerable advantage for their first WordPress project.

If you are interested, you can take a quick look at the e-book here and get a first impression of its usefulness. Your e-book discount code is: WPRAIDBOXES.

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