Digital transformationConceptImplementation / DevelopmentProject Management
The world is digitalising fast. Our agile team develops future-proof solutions together with you.
For the conception, the requirements are specified and then we find the suitable solution together with you.
We implement the elaborated solutions through web solutions, web apps, apps, shops or through mixed reality (AR/VR).
With many years of experience in project management, we accompany our customers agilely and securely to project success.

Successful references can be found in various fields of activity of our customers, including mobile telephony, the media world, machine rental, waste disposal, AR, marketing, housing construction, architects, etc.

Our customers include companies such as A.&P. Drekopf GmbH & Co. KG, Gerken GmbH, Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., IM Division, snoopstar, GWA, Groupjoyner, Küpper Wohnbau GmbH & Co. KG and many more.

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  • Concept
  • Prototyping / wireframing and validation
  • Implementation / development of plugins and themes, among others
  • Ongoing reporting - at least monthly, more closely as required, depending on the project requirements.
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Relaunch
  • Maintenance
  • industry-independent

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