WebsitesDevelopmentOnline shopsSupport
Planning, creation and optimization of professional websites with WordPress.
Technical realisation of designs based on templates from graphic designers and smaller agencies.
Planning, creation and optimization of professional online shops with WooCommerce.
Maintenance and updating of WordPress and WooCommerce systems.

Through the use of various tools in over 20 years, it is possible for me to offer an adequate solution for pretty much every requirement. WordPress and WooCommerce can be wonderfully complemented by the implementation of external technology providers and thus offer extraordinary added value for the end customers.

Logo Manuel Schmöllerl
  • Development of predefined designs (Adobe CC) with Elementor
  • Individual WordPress/ WooCommerce Themes with Elementor
  • Website migration
  • Website optimization
  • Maintenance & Support
  • SEO
  • Data protection advice
  • Data protection audit
  • External data protection advisor
  • cross-sector
  • small, fine advertising agencies

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