Become part of the wp unboxed editorial team

Become part of the wp unboxed editorial team

In our magazine wp unboxed we are proud to publish high-quality articles written by both our internal content team and selected external authors. Become an integral part of our content team now and receive up to €150 net for each of your published articles and your own author page!

Would you like to become part of our editorial team and share your knowledge with over 10,000 subscribers? Then apply now!

Share your expertise with over 10,000 subscribers
Become an integral part of our editorial team
Strengthen your reputation with an author page
Get paid up to €150 per contribution
Share your knowledge with over 10,000 subscribers

wp unboxed is one of the leading WordPress magazines in Europe. Our articles are regularly sent to over 4,000 newsletter readers and more than 6,000 blog subscribers via push message.

Our editorial team works closely with agencies, web designers, WordPress, marketing and internet professionals who tell their success stories and share their expert knowledge in wp unboxed. Does that sound just like you? Then get in touch with us!

You have a story to tell?

We are very proud that since the magazine was founded in 2015, we have been regularly publishing in-depth articles, WordPress news e-books written both by our internal editorial team and by dedicated external authors.

If you would like to share your success story with our readers, or if you have expertise in a particular WordPress subject area and enjoy writing quality articles, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our readers are at the heart of what we do

The aim of your article should be to inform the reader about a topic, clarify a question, convey best practices or show a new perspective. A helpful tutorial or an opinion piece on a (WordPress) product can also offer such added value.

It's important to us that the content, writing style, added value and length (approx. 1300 words) of contributions fit to wp unboxed. If you have an idea on a topic or even a finished article up your sleeve, simply get in touch with us using the contact form.

You want to become a permanent part of the editorial team?

Write a sample article for wp unboxed and, upon publication, receive a payment of €100 and a description of the author. If you then become a permanent member of our content team, you will receive €150 for each of your published articles and your own author page.

After a successful sample article, a long-term collaboration can strengthen your reputation as an author and increase the reach of your expert knowledge. If you are interested, we look forward to a close partnership with you.

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