Get the most out of your WooCommerce store with Raidboxes

Have your online shop under control at all times with our high-performance hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce – and make our planet greener at the same time.

Top performanceBest accessibilityDynamic flexibilityBetter togetherSell safely
The faster your shop loads, the better the conversion rate and your SEO ranking. Our WooCommerce hosting is optimized for highest performance and withstands even high loads.
We know how important uptime is for your shop. Even a few seconds offline can cost you dearly. Save yourself the stress: your shop stays online more than 99.9% of the time at Raidboxes.
Your new superpower is flexibility. Test changes conveniently in staging and push them live when you're ready. Plan your campaigns and your shop will grow with you as you want it to.
Our support is just a click away. You can reach us via live chat daily from 8:00 to 22:00 (CET). Whether you need quick help, WordPress migrations or advice and support, we'll help you find the best solution for your shop.
You decide what data you share and with whom. That's why we integrate functions such as caching, backups and updates on the server side. SSL and other security features can be activated in no time.

Our WooCommerce hosting is optimized for high load, security and scalability so you don't lose conversions. Focus on your business instead of worrying about your backups, updates or downtime. We're working non-stop in the background to keep your shop running fast and secure. Whatever you're planning, your shop is in good hands with us.

  • Top performance – integrated caching and lightning-fast servers
  • Highest stability – uptime checks for your peace of mind
  • Personal support – quick help via live chat
  • Flexible scalability – makes individual growth possible
  • A simple Dashboard – full control over your shop
  • Security – SSL certificates and automatic backups
  • WooCommerce – state-of-the-art infrastructure for your shop
  • WordPress migrations – fast and secure without downtime
  • Partner network – reliable agency partners at your side
  • Sustainability – your shop runs on clean energy
  • Data protection – GDPR-compliant hosting from Europe
  • Staging – makes changes simple and risk-free
  • Management – more efficient and secure with Single Sign-on
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