Startup hosting that grows with your business

Do you want WordPress hosting with speed, support and security? Our climate-friendly WordPress hosting for startups and companies saves you a lot of time. Create more space for scaling, focus and your business with Raidboxes .

Super simpleScale quicklyFirst-class securityDesigning sustainablyTop performance
Manage projects your way: Our intuitive Dashboard saves you important time thanks to numerous features . Leave the management and administration of your website to us and concentrate on the essentials.
Startups thrive on change. That's why we're going full throttle in the background, so you can scale your business the way you want. Sustainable growth has never been so easy. See for yourself!
The security of your website is our top priority. With automatic backups and updates, your data is safe at all times. Your website is always up to date with our WordPress hosting for startups.
Digital does not mean sustainable, on the contrary: your website consumes a lot of energy. With our climate-friendly WordPress hosting, you can make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.
The faster your website loads, the better your conversion rate and SEO ranking. Our WordPress hosting for startups is optimized for the highest performance - so you can sleep soundly in stressful phases.

What makes our WordPress hosting so special? We deliver the power, security and scalability you need as a startup founder. And we go the extra mile for you and our planet: Your website runs on 100% renewable energy and plants trees along the way. Goodbye climate killer Internet, hello sustainability. What are you waiting for?

  • Top performance – integrated caching and lightning-fast servers
  • Highest stability – uptime checks for your peace of mind
  • Personal support – quick help via live chat
  • Flexible scalability – makes individual growth possible
  • A simple dashboard – full control over your website
  • Security – SSL certificates and automatic backups
  • Development – state-of-the-art infrastructure for your website
  • WordPress migrations – fast and secure without downtime
  • Partner network – reliable agency partners at your side
  • Sustainability – your website runs on green energy
  • Privacy - GDPR-compliant Startup Hosting from Germany
  • Staging – makes changes simple and risk-free
  • Management – more efficient and secure with Single Sign-on
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