E-Book: How to test your webpage speed correctly

How do you measure the loading speed of your website correctly? And how do you interpret the results? We show you, step by step. Only then can you optimise WordPress & WooCommerce efficiently.

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Evaluate the performance of your WordPress projects like a pro. For better rankings on Google - and for satisfied visitors.

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Learn the important difference between the terms PageSpeed, Page Speed and Performance. Learn how to better measure and understand the benchmarks of your website.
All the information you need to know to optimise your websites. Including measuring instructions, tips and concrete examples. Move past your competitors with the right knowledge.
We show you how to keep track of your projects in the future to make them successful in the long run. No matter whether you work with WordPress, WooCommerce or another CMS.
A decrease in loading time of only 0.1 seconds means that your turnover drops by one percent. What conclusions you can draw from this and how you can avoid this loss.
There are numerous measurements with which websites can be compared. But which ones really matter? How are your competitors positioned? And what can you do after the analysis?
In our e-book, we introduce you to key tools you can't do without. Learn more about the appropriate settings so that your results are not distorted.