e-book: Social Media For agencies and freelancers

With the right social media strategy, your content will be recommended to others. How do you find the best platforms for your target group? Which topics are worthwhile? We guide you step by step to more visibility.

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We show you which social media content really resonates with your target groups. For sustainable success on the right channels.

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You don't have the resources to be active on all social media channels. We show you how to achieve your goal with less effort to build a sustainable readership.
Who is talking about you, where, and why? The success of social media content can be planned in advance. Find out how you can positively differentiate yourself from the channels of your competitors.
LinkedInXing, Facebook, Twitter or rather YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest? The e-book tells you where which campaign is worthwhile. So that you can focus on those channels that pay off for you.
More turnover and sales via social networks? It's definitely possible. Here are our best tips to make sure you don't come across as pushy, but as trustworthy and helpful.
If you share your content in the right places, the attention for your business will increase. We show you how to build more reach and interaction step by step.
Social networks are not only a marketing channel, they can also help you with customer service, your reputation or market research. Get to know the right tools for this.