WordPress hosting tools for WordPress professionals

Our WordPress hosting tools keep your WordPress sites slim, fast and secure. Develop and manage your WordPress projects more efficiently from our RAIDBOXES Dashboard.

High-performance WordPress

Every single one of your WordPress sites can operate at full power without sharing any resources with other websites.

Server-provided NGINX caching

Our NGINX caching is active even before WordPress take control, allowing us to deliver cached websites without slowing down WordPress. The advantage: no more caching plugins.

Specialized WordPress infrastructure

Our customers' websites run up to 80 percent faster after migration before any further optimization measures. When we count those in, the speed often doubles, triples or even quadruples.

Maximum performance

What sets us apart from generic hosting providers? On our servers your websites run on a single instance and don't share resources with 300 other customers.

SSD hard drives

Even when your site is dealing with a huge amount of traffic, access times can be kept extremely short with SSD hard drives. SSD is the ideal turbo boost for all your WordPress projects.

Technical details
Sustainable WordPress green hosting
WordPress hosting from RAIDBOXES only runs on green electricity from hydropower - from our offices to our data centers.

Develop and manage your WordPress sites

All in one place - manage plugins, updates and access to your WordPress sites from a single dashboard. Increase your productivity and save yourself time and money.

Automated & manual backups

We automatically backup your websites every night. Create a manual backup of your WordPress projects at any time.

Automated WordPress updates

We look after and maintain your WordPress sites, including automated plugin and theme updates. So you can concentrate on what really matters: your business.

Clone a website or choose a template

Clone a WordPress site from an existing backup or create permanent templates for an even more efficient way to start new WordPress projects.

Direct access

Gain direct access to your WordPress sites via SSH (including WP-CLI & Git), MySQL databases and SFTP.

Easy administration

Grant colleagues and customers access to your WordPress websites with a single click.

1-click WordPress installation

When you click on Create BOX in the Dashboard, a brand-new WordPress site is created for you within seconds.

All Tools

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Security & data protection

Stop worrying about the security of you or your customers' WordPress websites. We offer effective protection against hacker attacks.

Hacker and malware protection

Every single one of your WordPress websites runs autonomously and independently on its own server. This significantly reduces the risk of hacker and malware attacks. .

Write-protected WP core

With us the WordPress core is read-only by default. This makes it much more difficult for hacking attacks to be successful.

Free SSL

Free SSL certificates offer you many advantages and make your website up to 45 percent faster. A must for every professional online presence. Installed in a matter of seconds!

Optional service: malware removal

We offer an additional paid service for malware removal if your website ever does get infected.

All about SSL
GDPR Data Protection & Server Location Europe
We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and guarantee exclusively server locations in Europe with ISO 27001 certification.

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