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Torben Simon Meier

Founder/Managing Director & CMO

Johannes Benz

Managing Director & CFO

Ariane Rowe

Administration & Happy Management

Birgit Khumalo

Administration & Team Assistance

Marcel Kurrek

Lead Sales

Laura Gerdau


Navid Razavi


Leefke Krönke

Lead Content Marketing

Annie Sprengelmeyer

Content, Design & Equality

Michael Firnkes

Content & Mental Health

Caspar Hübinger

Lead Internationalization

Lucy Kruse

International Content

Elise Kroes

International Content & Migrations

Özlem Adaslik

Customer Success & Migrations

Matthias Held

Product Development

Jeffrey Eul

Product Development & Support

Niklas Solga

Product Development & Support

Jakob Bennemann

Product Development

Marcel W.

Product Development

Marten Gülink

Product Development

Tobias Schüring

System Administration

Auke Tembrink

System Administration

Jan Hornung

Lead Support & Privacy

Neele de Jonge


Frauke Spang

Support & Equality

Milva Mahnke

Support & Mental Health

Christian Zimpel


Chris Kubisch


Niko Baumgartl


Tino Werner

Onboarding Manager & Support


Happy Management & Mental Health

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