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Our cooperation partners help you with your projects with WordPress and WooCommerce. With exclusive offers for RAIDBOXES® customers.


Weglot is a multi-language plugin for WordPress. It translates your website in no time into more than
100 languages - with just a 5 minute installation. No programming necessary and perfect collaboration: Weglot is compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins. Learn more


Händlerbund protects 80,000 websites throughout Europe, as one of the leading providers of eCommerce services. In addition to proven legal texts, written warnings and legal advice, members also receive all important news from the industry. Learn more

IT-Recht Kanzlei

IT-Recht Kanzlei
The IT law firm IT-Recht Kanzlei is specialized in providing legal advice to operators of commercial websites with the help of legal texts and the assessment of their online presence - regardless of the platform. In this way, operators are especially protected against costly written warnings. Learn more


hellotrust stands for 360° data protection for WordPress sites . A daily website scan, the 4-eyes principle of our lawyers as well as the intelligence of hellotrust should enable a 100% compliant data protection and cookie declaration at all times. Learn more

AAWP Plugin

AAWP is one of the most popular Amazon affiliates WordPress plugins on the market. As a user, you have plenty of functions available to you to promote Amazon products on your website. This includes text links, product boxes, bestseller lists, widgets and comparison tables. Learn more

MH Themes

MH Themes
The WordPress magazine MH Theme was developed especially for editorial websites like online magazines, professional blogs or news sites. Benefit from a dynamic layout and simplified monetization. Take blogging to a new level. Learn more

Citizen Circle

Citizen Circle
Citizen Circle is a German-speaking community of over 500 entrepreneurs and self-employed people who shape their lives independently with a digital business model. The members support each other online and offline in achieving their goals. Learn more

The nerve savers

The nerve savers
Die Nervenretter - Your contact for all technical concerns and problems around WordPress websites. For Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For all questions about updates, backups, hacked websites or problems with the source code. Learn more


The complete solution for your online marketing. rankingCoach is a an easy online marketing software for small businesses. It covers the whole spectrum of online marketing in one simple app. No previous experience required and you don't need an agency. Learn more


EmergencyWP is a digital safe on WordPress basis with 256-AES encryption, incl. a life validation mechanism. Store data securely in case of an unforeseen incident or death. Or address the data already while still alive. Learn more

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