EmergencyWP is a digital safe based on WordPress with 256-AES encryption. The Plugin has a life check mechanism and can be used as a dead man's switch. This means that data can not only be stored securely in the event of an unforeseen incident or even death, but can also be addressed while the user is still alive.


Digital estate management

Here are some examples for the use of EmergencyWP: Customers receive source or access data, employees and colleagues receive specific instructions. In the family environment, the (spouse) partner receives a farewell letter and the children receive a motivational mail post mortem on their 18th birthday. This is how Digital Legacy works in the personal environment.

Functions of EmergencyWP

EmergencyWP is aimed at freelancers and entrepreneurs as well as self-employed people who have to deal with customer data. But also journalists and consumers get with the extensive Plugin an instrument for the case of a sudden accident or even death to the site placed.

EmergencyWP regularly checks the state of life of its user and executes pre-planned processes according to a multi-secured routine:

  • Regular life checks via sending emails with confirmation link
  • Connectivity to >1500 apps at Zapier to automatically detect state of life when performing personal activities (for example, posts to Instagram -> state of life OK).
  • Sending of "last messages" to superiors, employees, customers, friends and family, also time-delayed
  • Storage to assign passwords and other information using 256-AES encryption
  • Account transfer (Paypal, Bitcoin, contract data etc.)
  • Execution of actions via connection to Zapier (for example, compose scheduled messages on Facebook post mortem, control smarthome devices and other gimmicks)

EmergencyWP as estate manager

Instead of depositing data on a stick in a bank locker system, which is difficult for survivors to access, this can be implemented relatively easily with EmergencyWP. The system is installed via the Plugin manager from WordPress and is then self-explanatory and ready for use. The estate manager can thus be run at the hosting provider of choice or on your own NAS. As a pro-active tool with a double bottom, EmergencyWP is an estate system that was tested daily for over 4 years before it was launched.

Security of EmergencyWP

The life examination process is secured via three trusted persons. These are invited in advance and asked for consent. In case of a non-reaction of the user (and despite reminder) these persons are asked for feedback. Only if this is unanimous and states that the user is no longer responsive, the processes are started.

Likewise, this can be started in an accelerated manner by calling up a URL that is known to the trusted persons. Some of the EmergencyWP users have stuck a QR code on the back of their mobile phone that says "Scan in case of emergency! In this way, trusted persons are notified directly and without waiting if something should happen to the user.

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